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Apple's sapphire glass manufacturers in Taiwan are busy applying for patents

because of Apple's influence, manufacturers are very optimistic about the prospect of sapphire substrates in consumer electronic products. With Apple's promotion in sapphire production, Taiwan manufacturers began to take action and submit documents to apply for sapphire substrate patents

sapphire glass is not easy to be stained, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. In terms of hardness, among many transparent substances, 4. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage, which is second only to diamond. The use of this substance in high-end intelligence has opened a new field for the industry

lg, Samsung, HTC and other intelligent manufacturers have used sapphire substrates in their products as cameras. They can also purchase multiple sets of equipment to produce lens covering glass at the same time. Apple has also used this substance in iPhone 5S to protect the quality of fingerprint sensor and ensure that it is not scratched

with the increasingly extensive use of sapphire substrates, Taiwanese manufacturers have also accelerated their pace of applying for sapphire substrate patents. For example, Tera XTAL Technology Co. has fully mastered the patents of sapphire optical substrate, and their patents involve smart camera cover glass, home key, etc

in general, the use of sapphire substrate materials in consumer electronic products is a good thing. However, cost, mass production and market popularity are the key problems encountered in the application of this substance. Apple's control of sapphire substrate substances has prompted Taiwanese manufacturers to accelerate the pace of protecting intellectual patents to ensure that they can get more opportunities to provide diversified applications in the future

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