Taiwan Dingxin group launched a 59kg carbon fiber

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According to Taiwan media reports, Dingxin group, which started with Master Kang's "instant noodles", will step into the bicycle industry and establish the gusto brand. Yesterday, it launched four new cars, with Wei Hongfan, the second son of Shaodong group and Wei Yingzhou group, as the chairman. The energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. It will integrate the group's carbon fiber production technology and other resources, It will rush into the market of high-quality bicycles at affordable prices

it is reported that Dingxin group has started carbon fiber manufacturing since 2007, established Yinghong technology, independently researched and developed bicycle frames, and set up a mold factory and assembly plant. The new cars launched yesterday are all made of carbon fiber to make lightweight frames. The frame of the whole carbon fiber road bike is only 780 grams. The whole car provides two high-temperature nylon materials: high thermal stability nylon 66/6 blend alloy grilontsg-w and grilontsg-w2 are only 5.9 kilograms. Women can lift the car with one hand when they encounter it. Wei Hongfan said that costar bicycle was designed in the research and development center in the Netherlands and assembled and manufactured on the island

Wei Hongfan said that at present, the carbon fiber frame bicycles of the main bicycle brands on the market sell for more than 30000 to 40000 yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below); The lowest price of costar's carbon fiber road car is 19800 yuan

it is reported that the low-key Wei Hongfan is the second son of Wei Yingzhou, chairman of Master Kong Group. Unlike other top-notch second-generation companies, Wei Hongfan chose to start his own business instead of entering the group as his brother and younger brother. Five years ago, he entered Yinghong technology to develop carbon fiber related products, including carbon fiber chassis for laptop, carbon fiber pedal frame, accessories, etc; This is mainly due to the failure of the buffer, and then invest in the bicycle brand to obtain greater support from the family

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