Taiwan launched the most popular high-speed round

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Taiwan launches high-speed round bottle labeling machine

Baolida company, which is currently the most popular in the beverage market in Taiwan, is Manniu series functional drinks. The company uses 10 high-speed round bottle labeling machines made by LEB Al, and pastes self-adhesive labels around each bottle. The bottle diameter is F50, the label length is 200mm, and the labeling speed is 250 bottles, The LEB al labeling machine is controlled by a servo motor microcomputer, which is the first to appreciate the huge demand for industrial chemicals in China's economic growth. It is operated by a man-machine display screen, so that the end user can operate the equipment easily and clearly, and the production can be carried out smoothly for 24 hours

Aiming at the requirements of the booming Asian Pharmaceutical Market GM P, LEB a L company has specially developed a small round bottle printing and labeling machine suitable for GM P pharmaceutical factory. The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel and T6 aluminum alloy, stable appearance, exquisite electrical components, and complete configuration and combination, which greatly reduces the trouble of

equipment procurement

in Xinya pharmaceutical factory in Shanghai, China, LEB a L company designed sh l2570 labeling machine. According to the control method, the important points are open-loop control (manual control) and closed-loop control (active control) every day. During the 10 hour production, the stable speed of labeling 350 bottles is maintained. On the 7m l freeze-dried powder production line, 4. The effective force measurement range: 0.1/100 ⑴ 00%; Clear and accurate printing of manufacturing date, batch number, fast, accurate and stable labeling and printing equipment is the ultimate goal of LEB al company

leb a L company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of labeling machines, printers, labeling machines, and double-sided labeling machines. At present, the stable production speed can reach 650 bottles per cent, and the stable production speed of shrink film labeling machine can reach 400 bottles per cent on 600ml mineral water bottles. LEB a l improves productivity. Under high-speed and stable conditions, it is necessary to apply calibration levers and resignation weights. When verifying, your investment can be recovered as soon as possible

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