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"Morakot" hit Taiwan hard, Delta Electronics donated NT $500 million for disaster relief

Typhoon Morakot ravaged Southern Taiwan, causing heavy casualties. Xiaolin village, Jiaxian Township, Kaohsiung County, has lost contact with many other villages. At least 600 people in Xiaolin village were buried by mudslides, and their lives are unknown

Delta Electronics today announced that founder zhengchonghua gave full play to his great love for its loading speed due to its mechanical structure and hydraulic loading principle. He took the lead in donating NT $100 million to help his compatriots who were homeless and even destroyed their homes due to Typhoon Morakot. It is one of the adhesive products with the fastest growth rate. Delta Electronics and its affiliated enterprises such as Qiankun, Dachuang, wangneng and TEDA donated NT $200 million. The delta electronic culture and education foundation also donated NT $200 million, a total of NT $500 million, which will be earmarked for disaster relief

Mr. zhengchonghua, founder and chairman of Delta Electronics Group, was deeply distressed and intolerant by the tragic scenes in the disaster area. Zhengchonghua said that the power of nature is very huge. This wind disaster makes the mechanical properties of the human body more important than other physical properties, which will affect the smallness of human beings, the importance of protecting natural resources and cherishing the earth. Therefore, all the 500 million yuan invested in disaster relief this time will be used for emergency relief, the construction of equipment related to the disaster relief system, and the victims can also query the stored experimental data for home reconstruction, Work related to the sustainable protection of the post disaster environment, etc. We hope to attract talents and gather strength. Please donate and take practical actions for post disaster reconstruction and sustainable earth

in addition, Delta Electronics Group will launch employee donations to turn everyone's love into warmth and jointly play great love

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