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The national e-commerce service platform helps improve quality and efficiency

in order to fully implement the deployment of the central government to comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, China National Household Appliance Co., Ltd. launched a special action to improve quality and efficiency in 2020, making a combination of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, improving quality and efficiency. According to the company's deployment, the state-owned e-commerce company has made great efforts in innovation and efficiency, actively promoted the development of emerging businesses such as e-commerce and financial technology, built Internet service platforms such as e-treasure, state mall, financial technology, new energy cloud, state business travel, cross-border e-commerce, smart IOT, big data credit, and state entrepreneurship and innovation, gave full play to resource advantages and platform values, made every effort to ensure steady operation, and helped the company improve quality and efficiency, Service company and high-quality development of electricity

e-commerce procurement promotes cost reduction and efficiency increase

as the largest comprehensive service platform for energy e-commerce in China, Guoshang mall aggregates a large number of high-quality product service resources from upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and provides e-commerce procurement services such as office supplies, sporadic materials, production vehicles for all units in the system. Through the Internet + method, it gathers procurement needs, simplifies procurement processes, and effectively reduces procurement costs, Strongly support the company's system material support

there are 61.65 million masks, 640000 protective articles such as protective clothing and goggles, 6.51 million liters of disinfection materials, and 30000 temperature measuring supplies. This is the number of epidemic prevention and control materials purchased for all units of the company by the state e-commerce company through the collaborative work mechanism of emergency material support in the E-commerce trading zone as of March 17

after the outbreak of COVID-19, under the overall planning and guidance of the national logistics department and the material department, the national e-commerce company gave full play to the e-commerce transaction synergy advantages of the National Mall and the role of the main channel of material support, fully mobilized the resources of suppliers, manufacturers, overseas supply channels and other parties, and carried out the sourcing and procurement of epidemic prevention and protection supplies and medical emergency supplies on a large scale, so as to fully meet the supply and security needs of protective emergency supplies of all units of the company

in response to the urgent needs of Hubei Province, we should increase the mobilization and allocation of materials, coordinate with Shunfeng and other domestic well-known logistics enterprises, open Wuhan epidemic prevention material supply lines and transportation green channels, and build a solid material supply line

in response to the demand for e-commerce transaction of material procurement for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, the state-owned e-commerce company seized the opportunity to further optimize and simplify the operation and management process of the state-owned mall, opened a green channel for enterprise entry and commodity listing audit, vigorously expanded the e-commerce transaction of materials, promoted the deepening application of the bidding platform, established a closed-loop working mechanism across the whole process of the supply chain, and realized the tracking management of the whole process of demand, purchase, adjustment, distribution and receipt. Give play to the advantages of blockchain technology resources, increase the promotion and application of blockchain electronic contracts, achieve the signing of various material procurement contracts, and sign a total of 1687 blockchain electronic contracts, effectively reducing the contract signing cost

up to now, the e-commerce transaction scale of materials in Guoshang mall has reached 57 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 60%. While effectively ensuring the demand for materials for epidemic prevention and control in the company's system, the e-commerce procurement of materials has achieved remarkable results in reducing costs and increasing efficiency

online service optimization business environment

on March 1, Guodian e-commerce company completed the optimization of the new version of the electricity bill on the enterprise electricity bill banking platform. The newly optimized online electricity bill clearly marks the details of normal electricity charges, discounts and other expenses to ensure that users consume clearly. This will not only provide users with more accurate services, but also better meet the compliance requirements of electricity bills and invoices. Cui Kegang, head of the operation team of the electricity bank, introduced

the electricity bank platform is a service platform launched specifically for the online electricity payment needs of the majority of power enterprises. At present, it has formed a product system integrating five key products: bank payment, group payment, transfer payment (e-enterprise payment), mobile payment (e-enterprise payment), and withholding payment. At present, the electricity tariff bank has established B2B bank enterprise direct link channels with 39 mainstream banks and local banks, fully covering the power supply area of the State Grid Corporation of China

during the epidemic period, the 7 * 24-hour non-stop payment service provided by the electricity bill bank, as well as the comprehensive services such as electricity bill viewing, electronic invoice subscription and downloading, and energy-saving optimization advice consultation, were widely welcomed by enterprise users. Give priority to the acceptance of customer business in Hubei Province, answer by specialists, and respond in real time to the needs of payment consultation, question answering and so on

in terms of improving the efficiency of electricity charge management of power supply companies, the electricity charge bank also plays a unique role as a pressure relief valve. For a long time, the high risk of electricity charge recovery and the high pressure of electricity charge collection and reconciliation faced by grass-roots units have been the difficulties in electricity charge management. The diversified payment methods of electricity bank better meet the needs of enterprises, promote the online transfer of enterprise payment, and enhance the initiative of payment. The marketing accounting has changed from manual reconciliation, bookkeeping and cancellation to automatic clearing and settlement on the whole line, which promotes the transformation of electricity charges from monthly clearing and monthly settlement to daily clearing and monthly settlement, improves the efficiency of electricity charge capital turnover and accounting processing, and improves the intelligent level of electricity charge management

during the epidemic, online payment service platforms such as electricity bank and shangguo effectively improved the convenience of customers' access to electricity, and played a positive role in improving the efficiency of electricity management. As of March 17, the annual cumulative payment of online platforms exceeded 100million transactions and 74.7 billion yuan, an increase of 67% year-on-year

financial innovation reduces operational risks

at present, the factory has resumed work, but orders have been postponed due to the impact of the epidemic, and workers' wages, site rent and electricity charges are all asking for money. Without working capital, the factory can't turn quickly. At the beginning of March, Wang Zhihu, general manager of Jiangsu Yancheng Yuanman Textile Co., Ltd., looked sad. At a time when he was at a loss, guojiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Guodian e-commerce Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Third World War epidemic action to ensure the resumption of work in Jiangsu Province, which solved his urgent need

on March 9, knowing that mortgage free and low-cost financial support can be obtained according to the data of power consumption and payment of enterprises, Wang Zhihu immediately applied for e-Loan, an innovative financial product of Guodian e-commerce company. After comprehensive evaluation, Wang Zhihu soon obtained a credit line of 1million yuan for e-Loan. On the same day, we withdrew 500000 yuan. With this loan, we will have the confidence to resume production. Wang Zhihu said that after receiving the loan, the factory's production capacity has been steadily improved, and now it has basically been able to meet the demand of orders

e-Loan is an innovative financial product launched by Guodian e-commerce company in conjunction with financial institutions. It is a full line, unsecured, low-cost credit loan for enterprise users based on enterprise power consumption data and power payment data. In addition to e-Loan, Guodian e-commerce company has also launched electricity financial products such as e-yingdian e-ticket payment in conjunction with mainstream financial institutions around the scenario of enterprise electricity payment. Enterprises can choose to deposit electricity fees automatically to pay fees according to their actual business conditions, and can also conveniently apply for credit loans to pay electricity fees when capital turnover is difficult

large and medium-sized group enterprises have various modes of power consumption and payment, with scattered channels and easy to make mistakes, while small and micro enterprise users often delay the payment of power charges due to poor capital turnover, causing risks and pressure to the recovery of power charges. These are the two major pain points in the current process of power consumption by enterprise users. The electricity fee financial services such as e-Loan we launched are to solve these two problems, said Xiao Anqi, head of the electricity fee financial business of the national e-commerce company

in addition, Guodian e-commerce company also led the construction of an online industrial chain financial platform to provide accounts receivable financing services for upstream enterprises. During the epidemic, the state-owned e-commerce company actively negotiated with cooperative financial institutions to reduce the epidemic area and its adhesion, which is enough to make the devices installed layer by layer. 4. Experimental steps: keep the timing flat, prevent and control the epidemic, ensure the financing interest rate of enterprises of 0.2%-2.4%, halve the financing service fees of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and exempt the financing service fees of enterprises producing safety protection products. Through the promotion and application of a series of financial services, on the one hand, it has effectively alleviated the financing problems of associated small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and effectively supported the development of the real economy; On the other hand, it also promotes the recovery of electricity charges and effectively reduces the business risks of the company. During the epidemic period, the transaction scale of industrial chain finance and electricity finance reached 25 billion yuan, an increase of 336% year-on-year

in January this year, Guodian e-commerce company achieved an operating revenue of 2.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40 times, a transaction size of 155.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 80%, and its operating performance achieved a significant growth against the trend. According to the requirements of the company's 2020 special action to improve quality and efficiency, Guodian e-commerce company will fully implement various measures, actively promote the exploration of mixed ownership reform, vigorously cultivate strategic emerging industries such as blockchain, comprehensively promote the application of the transparent polycarbonate sheet business travel cloud adopted by Guodian window, continue to do a good job in the reform and development, and make a positive contribution to ensuring the steady and orderly operation of the company and promoting the high-quality development of the company and electricity

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