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In 2019, the comprehensive energy service of State Grid achieved a business income of 11 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 125%

share with entrepreneurs after obtaining product certification. On January 3, the marketing department of State Grid Connected successfully learned that the company vigorously explored the comprehensive energy service market under the guidance of the 2019-2020 action plan to promote the development of comprehensive energy service business. In 2019, the comprehensive energy service achieved a business income of 11 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 125%

at present, new modes and new business forms of energy production and consumption are increasingly abundant. As an energy service method to meet the diversified needs of end customers, integrated energy services has become a blue ocean market for the development of energy enterprises, with great market potential. The company conscientiously implements the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation", focuses on the four key areas of comprehensive energy efficiency, multi energy supply, clean energy and emerging energy consumption, and develops comprehensive energy service business in combination with the characteristics of electricity business

in the aspect of ubiquitous power IOT construction, the company has carried out the pilot construction of provincial smart energy service platforms in five provincial power companies. The platforms were put into operation in January this year to realize energy efficiency management, intelligent operation and maintenance, demand response and other functions; The construction of 11 CPS energy utilization optimization projects in typical scenarios such as commercial buildings, industrial enterprises, parks and communities, which need more innovation zones and multi energy, was carried out in 7 units, and the pilot implementation of source, load and storage collaborative services was promoted

the company has vigorously explored the comprehensive energy service market, combined with the energy service needs of key customers such as public buildings and industrial enterprises, focused on four key areas, provided customers with services such as energy conservation, hot and cold supply, distributed photovoltaic, electric vehicle charging, etc., implemented more than 4000 projects, and promoted the establishment of nearly 150 branches in 14 provincial comprehensive energy service companies such as Shandong, effectively improving the localization market development ability

the company organized visits to Germany and Denmark to investigate the development and application of technologies such as regional low-temperature heating and optimal control of energy stations, and promoted the application of advanced technologies related to water resistance experimental mobility in the company's comprehensive energy service business; Organize relevant scientific research and industrial units of the company to carry out research and development of nearly 20 key equipment and complete nearly 10 pilot applications

adhering to opening-up and cooperation, the company promoted the completion of the "mixed ownership reform" task of Jiangsu comprehensive energy service Co., Ltd. and the establishment of eight provincial comprehensive energy service companies with mixed ownership project companies, with a cumulative introduction of social capital of 1billion yuan; The "China integrated energy service industry innovation and development alliance" was launched with 20 units to continuously expand the "circle of friends" and influence by holding various alliance activities such as the summit forum

in addition, focusing on the application of new technologies, the exploration of new models, and the pilot of new formats, the relevant units of the company have built more than 100 comprehensive energy service demonstration projects in xiong'an new area, the host of the Winter Olympics, the Shanghai WorldExpo Park and other national key development areas and important customers, providing customers with integrated comprehensive energy services covering project planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance, and playing a good demonstration and leading role

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