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For the first time, many companies of State Grid have been shortlisted as the first batch of suppliers for centralized procurement of EPON

China power bidding and procurement recently released the announcement of the recommended bid winning candidates for the 2012 EPON, SDH optical transmission communication equipment agreement inventory goods bidding and procurement project (hereinafter referred to as the announcement), and listed companies such as science and Technology University intelligence, keybridge communication, etc. have been shortlisted. According to the introduction, this is the centralized procurement of EPON and other related equipment, with a larger amount than in previous years. This is of great significance for related companies to enter smart distribution 2 It is of great significance to vigorously develop plastic granulator technology that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat, and the camp of low-quality optical communication equipment suppliers

epon is a passive optical fiber access technology with point to multipoint structure, which has the characteristics of high bandwidth, long-distance transmission, strong environmental adaptability and so on. EPON has been listed as the main technology for smart power distribution and communication construction by national power, which will help power realize power optical fiber access to households. In June, 2010, Guodian has fully launched the power fiber to home pilot project aimed at realizing the four fusion, and accelerated the introduction of optical communication technology in the field of electricity

it is worth noting that in the 12th Five Year Plan of the State Grid, the backbone communication plan has invested 38.535 billion yuan, including 28.458 billion yuan for transmission, 6.972 billion yuan for business, 2.013 billion yuan for support, and 1.093 billion yuan for others; Among the terminal communication investment, the planned investment of 10 kV communication access is 11.475 billion yuan, and the investment of 0.4 kV communication access is 11.69 billion yuan. Among them, EPON is mainly used in the distribution automation of terminal access and other scenarios

according to the announcement, this bidding project is the bidding for the inventory of EPON optical transmission communication equipment required by State Grid Corporation of China or its affiliated units in 2012, and the tenderee is State Grid Corporation of China. At present, the bid evaluation work has been completed. Science and Technology University intelligent won the bid of Beijing electric power company and Henan electric power company, including a total of 14 OLTS and 1170 onus; Keybridge communication won the bid package of Jiangsu electric power company; ZTE and Fiberhome communications were also shortlisted

according to the relevant person in charge of this bidding procurement, Guodian has also carried out bidding for EPON and SDH related equipment in the past, but usually each local power company tenders separately. This unified centralized procurement is the first time, and the amount is higher than that in previous years

wanghongyu, the representative of intelligent securities affairs of University of science and technology, told that this bid winning is of great significance to the company. This is the first time that the company has won the EPON centralized procurement bidding of State Grid, which is of great significance for the company to participate in the ranks of national electro-optical communication equipment suppliers. The second half of the year is the company's peak sales season, and the company expects the net profit in the first three quarters to increase by 15% to 35% year-on-year

according to keybridge communication, there is another electronic universal experimental machine on the market, which adopts ordinary 3-camera electric or variable-frequency Electromechanical. EPON is one of the company's fund-raising project products. Relevant projects have won the bid since 2010, but it has not been disclosed because the bid winning amount is small. This entry into the first batch of EPON centralized procurement suppliers reflects the technical strength of the company in the field of power communication, especially in the field of intelligent distribution, and means that the company has become one of the suppliers of intelligent optical distribution communication equipment represented by EPON

in addition to EPON, the key bridge communication business also covers the optical transmission equipment transmitted by the backbone of the power industry, the exchange products of business, data products and video communication products, as well as the monitoring and monitoring products of intelligent electricity; In the field of traditional transmission and video monitoring, the company has accumulated for many years and has comparative advantages in business and products

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