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State Grid: make every effort to strengthen scientific and technological innovation

on January 10, at the fifth meeting of the third workers' Congress of State Grid Co., Ltd. and the 2020 work conference, the company awarded the honorary title of "person of scientific and technological merit of State Grid Co., Ltd." to 7 academicians, including Zhou Xiaoxin, Xue Yusheng, Huang Qili, Shen Guorong, Guo Jianbo, Chen Weijiang and Tang Guangfu

this is the first time since the establishment of the company to award this honorary title, which is far more meaningful than an award. This move not only releases a strong signal of paying attention to scientific and technological talents and accelerating the guidance of science and technology, but also reflects the light point of the times for power enterprises to respond to the national call and seek high-quality development under the background of mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation and building an innovative country

the meritorious service of science and technology is not an honor awarded to a person.

the meritorious service award of scientific and technological figures is awarded for the first time, which shows that the company attaches great importance to innovation. This is not only the affirmation of the existing scientific research achievements, the inheritance of the company's scientific and technological innovation spirit, the encouragement of the majority of cadres and employees, but also the expectation of future scientific and technological innovation work

meritorious service represents outstanding achievements and responsibility. At the site of the "two sessions" of the company, academicians unanimously emphasized in an interview that scientific and technological achievements are not awards given to one person, but awards for the images of the era that promote the development of power

"this award is not given to someone, we are just representatives." Said huangqili, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. In recent years, national electricity has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has become the most technologically advanced power system and the best electricity in safe operation in the world. "This is the result of several generations' mutual efforts and continuous innovation for a long time, thanks to the joint efforts of several generations of cadres and workers of the entire power system. This award belongs to everyone, and we have only done our own work in our field."

Tang Guangfu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that the company has enriched the connotation of the honorary title of "meritorious service" from the perspective of enterprises: "this is not only an academic honor, but also an affirmation of the contribution to scientific and technological innovation and the innovation value of the power industry. It has a distinct guiding role in forming an atmosphere of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the State Grid Corporation of China."

Since the 19th CPC National Congress, the concept of "innovation leading" has been emphasized repeatedly. The enterprise undertakes the main body of innovation, and the company has been driving high-quality development with reform and innovation

since the "three types, two types and world-class" strategy was put forward in early 2019, its own innovation connotation and various new initiatives of opening up and cooperation of the company have attracted attention: launch eight measures of "four openness and four cooperation" for scientific and technological innovation, open laboratories to the whole society, and form joint innovation bodies with colleges and universities, enterprises, social organizations, etc... people can clearly feel that the giant aircraft carrier state grid is undergoing a series of changes - more open More energetic

Chen Weijiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that since the implementation of the "three types, two types and world-class" strategy, the company has placed scientific and technological innovation in a more prominent position, deepened the reform of scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism, created an open, cooperative and innovative ecosystem, concentrated its advantages to tackle key problems, and worked hard on the transformation of results, affirmed and highlighted the contributions of front-line scientific researchers, and increased the incentive of dividends. "The good innovation environment and platform of the State Grid Corporation of China enable the majority of scientific and technological workers to learn and make contributions. As a member of scientific and technological workers, I will continue to work hard to do a good job in research, give full play to my expertise and serve the construction of 'three types and two'."

open the door, reform drives innovation

at present, national power has become the world's largest super large AC and DC power with the highest voltage level and the largest scale. The innovative mode of promoting major projects with major projects and promoting scientific and technological progress with major projects has enabled the company to be in the forefront of the world's energy and power industry in just over a decade

then, under the background that energy transformation has become a global consensus, how can the State Grid achieve re innovation? The answer given by the new strategy of "three types, two types and world-class" is: openness

"energy transformation emphasizes accurate user services to safeguard national security and people's well-being through clean energy substitution and electric energy substitution. In the future, the consumption of electricity for a large proportion of renewable energy will be achieved by measuring the output pulse number of photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of beam and the support of energy conservation and emission reduction on the demand side, which highlights the pivotal position of electricity in the energy system." Xue Yusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the power system must expand from the control of internal equipment to the interaction with massive environmental information, social objects and participants. To this end, the State Grid Corporation of China has proposed the strategy of building "three types and two", which will deeply integrate smart electricity and power IOT, and become a shared platform for energy hubs

"with the development of technology today, the interdisciplinary intersection is very obvious. Communication, cooperation and mutual support in different fields in the industry are important measures for scientific and technological innovation in the future." Huang Qili believes that the "three types and two" widely combines physics, information, artificial intelligence and other technologies, which is equivalent to adding a smart brain on the basis of strong physical electricity. "At present, the society is in a highly information-based and intelligent development stage, which is not only for electric enterprises, but also for all walks of life. The direction of innovation is necessary, the content is extensive, and everyone needs to participate."

Tang Guangfu said that "three types and two types" is only the first step, and the second step is to create an innovative new national system

in the long-term scientific and technological innovation, the institutional advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics in concentrating on major events has been brought into full play. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to "build a new national system for tackling key core technologies under the conditions of socialist market economy". The content of improving the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation has been incorporated into the framework of the basic socialist economic system, and the guidance of scientific and technological innovation to promote high-quality economic development has become more prominent

as an infrastructure related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, electricity used to drive innovation with major projects, and the time scale is mostly a few years. Under the challenge of energy transformation, many technological innovations in electricity have entered the "no man's land", and there is no ready-made reference experience. Many basic innovations need long-term basic theoretical support and the spirit of grinding a sword for ten years

Xue Yusheng said that in order to grow from a large power of electricity to a powerful power of electricity, China must not only vigorously develop applied science, but also pay enough attention to basic science research

"we should change the loose contractual relationship and make everyone work together." Tang Guangfu said that in the future innovation, how to effectively take the lead, focus on a basic material, a basic device and some basic projects, drive the investment of enterprises and social resources with national projects, form a relatively solid joint team, and stably output scientific research energy in 5-10 years, 10-15 years or even longer is a direction worth exploring

energy transformation, taking a difficult path of innovation

electricity innovation cannot be bypassed by the background of energy transformation

On January 10, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the 2019 National Science and technology award conference in Beijing. Six projects of State Grid Corporation of China have won national science and technology awards. Among them, the achievements of three projects directly refer to new technologies closely related to energy transformation, such as renewable energy power supply system, renewable energy consumption capacity, and source coordination control

"new energy is the key to energy transformation, but electricity is the core. The future construction of electricity determines how fast and well China's energy transformation can be achieved." Tang Guangfu believes that the company plays an important role in promoting energy transformation. The construction of "three types and two types" is a response to the call of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and encourages all sectors of society to participate in the practice of power technology innovation. It is also a new attempt of the company in the environment of energy transformation

in the future, how to control the electricity with a high proportion of renewable energy access, how to make electricity more intelligent, and how to improve the construction of the electricity market are all related to the progress and quality of energy transformation, which requires more investment from innovative subjects from all walks of life, including power enterprises

"the security defense system of the power system is facing the great challenge of how to better and more actively support the energy transformation and social participation. Promote the development of renewable energy in the upstream of the energy chain, and actively create a friendly platform for its downstream power substitution." Xue Yusheng said that in order to cope with the security and adequacy risks introduced by the opening of the physical field, a more complete power failure prevention system needs to be established; In order to cope with the increased information security risks due to the opening of information, it is necessary to establish an information buffer link; In emphasizing the energy reform led by user demand, the energy system must fully meet the right to know and participate in the social structure with a capacity of 1000 LB, and at the same time preserve the right to output data. It is necessary to study and deal with new ideas and new technologies for market competition, regulatory mechanisms, policies and other social behaviors

with the further increase of the proportion of renewable energy, electricity forms will face severe challenges. "There are three ways to transform energy. The first is the cleaning of primary energy, the second is the electrification of secondary energy, and the third is the intellectualization of electricity." Huang Qili said that technology research and development focusing on the safe operation of electricity is very important. The continuous improvement of electric intelligence through ubiquitous power IOT will be beneficial to energy transformation

"at present, there are many pilot level innovations in UBI. In the future, with the promotion of energy transformation, it needs to continue to deepen, package, integrate and coordinate the pilot results, mobilize social resources, and scientific and technological innovation is needed at the level of technological innovation and business model." Huang Qili said

in fact, the company has been investing in promoting energy transformation. Since the establishment of UBI one year ago, many good pilot experiences are emerging

in 2019, the company officially became the official partner of Beijing Winter Olympics. Beijing Winter Olympics venues will use green power this summer, and 100% green power supply will be realized for all venues for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games; Electric vehicles interact with green power trading. Photovoltaic poverty alleviation electricity from Qinghai is directly sent to Beijing through power trading and transmission channels; The new energy platform assists governments at all levels in decision-making, promotes the scientific development of new energy, and drives industrial agglomeration...

innovation is difficult, but no matter how difficult it is, it must continue. In the working ideas determined by the State Grid Corporation of China in 2020, "deeply stimulating the vitality of independent innovation" is listed as an important starting point to promote the implementation of the strategy, and it is proposed to overcome the "bottleneck" problem, seize the commanding height of energy interconnection technology, and open up the innovation chain. This series of hard core actions shows a clearer signal: in the future power construction, the position of scientific and technological innovation will be more important. The competitiveness with scientific and technological innovation as the core will drive the country's electricity to go further and input more fresh kinetic energy for energy transformation

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