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China announced the bidding announcement of the second batch of informatization equipment, and UBI continued to promote the industry's current high-profile momentum

: on November 21, the power IOT sector rose in the morning and continued to be strong in the afternoon. As of press time, mcaudi and Guodian South rose their limits, Haixing power and high beam software rose by more than 6%, and the utilization status and demand of easytek, Juhua technology, Jinzhi technology and other packaging industries; Stocks rose one after another

industry: the valuation of the power sector is relatively low, and the configuration value gradually appears.

on November 21, the power IOT sector rose in the morning, and continued to be strong in the afternoon. As of press time, mcaudi and Guodian South rose by the limit, Haixing power and high beam software rose by more than 6%, and easytek, Juhua technology, Jinzhi technology and other stocks rose one after another

in terms of news, according to the national e-commerce platform, on November 19, China announced the bidding announcement for the second batch of new information equipment & services in 2019. Chitosan can be mixed with other natural bio based high molecular materials to form chitosan plastic, involving 56900 sets of hardware (servers, network switches, routers, optical modules, etc.), 1409 sets of software (Linux system, database software, etc.), and 61 packages of information services. The bidding volume is generally in line with expectations, Continue to push forward

on October 14, the company issued the white paper 2019 of ubiquitous power IOT, which proposed to build ubiquitous power IOT in two stages. In the first stage, the ubiquitous power IOT will be initially built by 2021. The second stage is to build the ubiquitous power IOT by 2024. The ultimate goal is to realize the interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction in all links of the power system, and form "one source of data, one map of electricity and one line of business"

"ubiquitous power IOT is to use digital technology to energize traditional electricity, continuously improve the perception, interaction level and operation efficiency of electricity, effectively support the access and comprehensive utilization of all kinds of energy, and realize the transformation from 'making good use of electricity' to 'making good use of energy'." Wang Feng, deputy director of the Ministry of electric interconnection, said. He said that this year, 57 construction tasks and 25 comprehensive demonstration projects were identified, focusing on the four main lines of focusing on building an energy ecosystem, iteratively building an enterprise platform, jointly promoting the smart IOT, and synchronously promoting management optimization

in addition, on October 27, the State Grid announced that China blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been officially established, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China's various cellulose derivatives and e-commerce Co., Ltd. made of high-purity cellulose through different methods. State Grid said that the technical form of blockchain is highly consistent with the ubiquitous power IOT construction of State Grid Corporation of China, which can promote mutual trust between upstream and downstream industries, realize efficient data sharing, improve risk prevention ability, and effectively solve the problems faced by ubiquitous power IOT construction, such as data integration, network security, multi-agent collaboration, etc

Soochow Securities pointed out that the first stage construction goal of ubiquitous power IOT is to "preliminarily" build ubiquitous power IOT in 2021, and continue to promote at a fast pace in the next year. The investment scale in 2020/21 is expected to exceed 40billion/60billion. In the centralized bidding, the shares of Nari of Guodian and Minjiang hydropower are more than 40%, which is expected to greatly benefit from the high boom brought by the ubiquitous construction. Ubiquitous power IOT is the focus of the construction of "three types, two types and world-class". It will enter the large-scale construction period next year, and is optimistic about the good prosperity of the industry. Key recommendation: Nari of Guodian, it is suggested to pay attention to: Minjiang hydropower

Galaxy Securities believes that the energy density of the battery system is as high as 510 wh/kg, the capacity is 20 kwh, and the output power is 1000 W. the white paper of ubiquitous power IOT further improves the top-level design of ubiquitous power IOT, which is of great significance to promote its construction progress. In order to achieve the annual goal, it is expected that the follow-up construction speed is expected to be accelerated. In terms of investment targets, it is recommended that Nari, the leader of power automation, power communication and intelligence, and XJ electric and Chint electric, which benefit from smart meters, should pay attention to Minjiang hydropower, Linyang energy, Haixing power, etc

Huachuang Securities said that under the background of the continuous promotion of power system reform, the general trend of commercialization and marketization of power trading has become clear, which will lead to the rediscovery of the multiple value attributes of power, such as the clean attribute of power and the space-time attribute of power, which will give birth to a huge market space of emerging business forms. In 2018, the electricity consumption of the whole society in China was 6.84 trillion kwh. The above ecosystem built by UBI is expected to breed an annual trillion level market space. At the same time, the bidding of Guodian will tilt towards informatization, and the proportion of investment will further increase. The total investment in informatization + communication is expected to increase from about 12 billion yuan in 2018 to about 40-50 billion yuan. Guodian Nari and Minjiang hydropower are expected to benefit directly

original title: China announced the announcement of the second batch of bidding, and ubiquity power IOT continued to promote, and the industry is now in a high-profile situation

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