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Shenzhen Longgang Shahe Road is about 17 kilometers long, with an investment of about 1.55 billion yuan

Shenzhen Longgang Shahe Road is about 17 kilometers long, with an investment of about 1.55 billion yuan

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on July 13, the construction of Shahe Road in Longgang District, a key municipal project, began. This trunk road, known as the "third channel" of Longgang, passes through the three towns of Longgang, Henggang, Buji, with a total length of about 17 kilometers and 11 large and small bridges. It is invested by the two-level finance of the urban area, with an investment of about 1.55 billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic around the Spring Festival in 2006, which will greatly divert the traffic pressure of Shenzhen Huizhou road. Xuzongheng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and LV Ruifeng, vice mayor, attended the commencement ceremony and cut the ribbon for the road construction

According to the introduction, Shahe Road is the "third channel" in Longgang District after the "two channels" of Shenzhen Huizhou highway and Shuiguan expressway. It will be designed according to the standard of two-way six lane urban class I trunk road, starting from the Shawan - Busha intersection near Buji checkpoint in the west, and reaching the Baohe road botanical garden section near heao village in Henggang Town in the East, passing through Buji, Henggang and Longgang towns, From west to East, the line intersects with Busha Road, shaping Road, Yan Guan expressway, Shugang railway, Hui Yan expressway, Hengping road and Baohe road respectively. The project will be developed and constructed by Shenzhen Huayu investment group and Shenzhen Dayao Co., Ltd. in sections in the form of agent construction. Among them, the k0+000-k8+700 section is constructed by Huayu investment group, with an estimated investment of about 800million yuan. This section includes Dongshen River Bridge, niushiwo medium bridge, Wutong (4) key regional watershed clean production and water safety steady improvement of mountain and river bridges, with a total length of 8.7 kilometers

it will slowly promote all regions to increase financial support for the recycling of express packages to solve the traffic pressure on Shenhui road.

the person in charge of Longgang District said that the traffic on Shenhui road has been in a serious saturation state, and the daily traffic volume on peak days is 80000 vehicles/day and night. Shahe Road, as an important part of the second connecting road in Shenhui direction, can effectively alleviate the traffic pressure on Shenhui road. At the same time, It will create conditions for the start of the Shenhui road reconstruction project and the subway line 3 project, which will start at the end of 2005, and will have a far-reaching impact on improving the road structure of Longgang, improving the urban functions, and promoting the urbanization process. Chenyangnan, the representative of the construction agent and President of Huayu investment group, said that the Shahe Road will be built into a "ecological, environmental protection, sightseeing and boutique" Road on time and in accordance with the quality and quantity, with high standards and strict requirements like the construction of Shuiguan Expressway and Qingping expressway

Xu Zongheng said at the commencement ceremony that Shenzhen needs to build a three-dimensional transportation system to speed up the construction of an international city. Accelerating the process of urbanization outside the special zone puts forward higher requirements for municipal transportation facilities. Shahe Road is one of the most important municipal projects in the process of urbanization outside the special zone. The municipal government attaches great importance to it and decides to invest at the two levels of urban finance. It is hoped that all departments will work together to complete the task comprehensively, efficiently and with high quality

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