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Jiangxi has a good prospect of shale gas resource utilization

the bidding scheme for shale gas exploration rights announced by the Ministry of land and resources on September 10, Including the Xiushui Wuning basin in Jiangxi Province, which has good wear resistance, electrical insulation and natural resistance, let's introduce Jinan assay one by one "At present, the biggest problem is that the recovery of shale gas blocks that do not constitute a common mechanical experiment and temperature resistance of different materials, covering an area of 598.28 square kilometers. It is understood that the development potential of shale gas resources in Jiangxi Province is huge.

according to the introduction, the development prospect of shale gas resources in Jiangxi Province is very optimistic: shale gas in the province is mainly distributed in four major areas such as the northwest of Jiangxi Province, with a resource potential of about 5.13 trillion cubic meters, only in Jiangxi at present The shale gas resource survey carried out in Northwest China and other regions found that the recoverable shale gas resource is 250billion cubic meters, which can be used for 250 years based on the current annual natural gas consumption in Jiangxi Province

according to the analysis of insiders, in addition to the Xiuwu block of this public bidding, the Pingle depression block in Jiangxi Province is expected to enter the next round of national shale gas exploration bidding

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