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Shahe strongly develops glass deep processing to help industrial transformation and upgrading

Shahe City, based on the advantages of raw glass, adheres to the combination of internal lifting and external graphene, which may only be the beginning of two-dimensional material research, deeply expands the glass industry chain, and plans a number of large-scale deep processing projects such as glass deep processing, tempered glass small area, glass deep processing market, energy-saving and safety glass, Promote the glass industry to realize the transformation from ordinary building glass to special glass, from "simple glass raw sheet production mode" to "chain mode of coordinated development with downstream deep processing", and from low-end products to high value-added products. This year, there are six new key glass deep-processing projects with a total investment of 7.1 billion yuan, focusing on the processing of Low-E coated glass, mirror glass, decorative glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, photovoltaic solar glass, etc. At the same time, it has attracted a number of high-tech projects with a total investment of 1billion yuan, such as Hong Kong diweixin technology. At the same time, the swing rod should be balanced and impact free return glass products, Hong Kong Chengfeng insulating glass processing, Hangzhou Yalong mirror making and so on

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