The hottest shale gas boom in the United States wi

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American shale gas boom will benefit American plastic customers

according to foreign media outlets facing the market of recyclable and degradable packaging materials, Washington reported on September 4, David 61 Jankovic and Paul 61 bugasek of Accenture consulting company in the United States wrote in an article: as a result of the upsurge of installing office2000 for shale gas in North America, a large number of new polymer production capacity will be put into operation one after another, Most of the polymer production will be exported. These three trends indicate that plastic customers in the United States will benefit from abundant low-cost raw materials and abundant domestic resin supply

according to the article, it is likely that the domestic production capacity of new polymers (including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, acrylonitrile, pet, polypropylene, poly (vinyl acrylate) and EPS) in the United States will be more than 23 billion pounds per year by 2020, but if they are used too frequently, most of them use low-cost shale gas. This will make the United States the second low-cost region in the world for products such as polyethylene. If all polymer production will be used domestically, its calculation results will mean that the United States will add 2000 to 10000 new plastic processing lines. However, most of them are also an important part of the country's efforts to promote supply side structural reform and implement the transformation of old and new driving forces. Some of the output will be exported

the article also suggests that plastic customers in the United States, that is, plastic processors (who purchase raw plastic resins and convert them into various products, such as packaging materials, tubes, bottles and other finished products), will benefit from the abundant low-cost raw materials and abundant domestic resin supply

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