The hottest shale gas industry in Chongqing is 137

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Chongqing's shale gas "base" is 13.7 trillion cubic meters. This year, the first 10billion cubic meter gas field will be built.

according to the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of land and housing administration, through the investigation and evaluation of shale gas resources in Chongqing, the estimated amount of shale gas resources in Chongqing is 13.7 trillion cubic meters, which is one of the most abundant areas of shale gas in China

it is reported that Chongqing currently has 18 shale gas exploration rights established by the Ministry of land and resources, which accumulate into an average thin layer and the first shale gas mining right in the biological structure and biological function of materials endowed by the State - Sinopec Fuling shale gas field. As of January 2017, a total of 368 shale gas wells (excluding parameter wells) have been drilled and 261 have been put into operation in Qingcheng City, with a total proved geological reserves of 380.598 billion cubic meters, an annual production capacity of 7.13 billion cubic meters, a total gas production of 9.94 billion cubic meters, and a strong scientific and technological strength of 700million cubic meters

recently, with the good news that the daily production of four shale gas exploration wells in the south of Pingqiao, Nanchuan District, Sinopec has exceeded 200000 cubic meters, the Fuling shale gas field, the first large-scale shale gas field commercially exploited outside North America, is expected to build a production capacity of 10billion cubic meters this year as planned. It is understood that a shale gas field of 10billion cubic meters is equivalent to a large oil field of 10million tons

it is understood that shale gas, as a clean energy, can reduce 12million tons of carbon dioxide per year after the completion of 10billion cubic meters of shale gas field, which is equivalent to planting nearly 110million trees and stopping nearly 8million economic cars for one year; At the same time, it can reduce 300000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nearly 100000 tons of nitrogen oxides

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