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Shahe makes every effort to fight the battle of glass capacity reduction

integrate the existing 12 float glass production enterprises into a large glass group; Reduce the original 43 float glass production lines; Reduce the melting amount of kiln through technological transformation; The in-situ deep processing rate of the original glass is increased to more than 60% During the "13th five year plan" period, Shahe City will implement a series of powerful combined actions to fight hard against glass capacity reduction and very tight installation space restrictions

Shahe is the region with the most concentrated glass production capacity in China, with 43 float glass production lines and an annual production capacity of 1. 600million weight boxes, accounting for more than 20% of the national glass production capacity. Over the years, Shahe City has continued to strengthen the elimination of backward glass production capacity, eliminating 47.42 million weight boxes and 50.77 million weight boxes respectively during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five Year Plan"

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Shahe City was listed as a pilot county of the Ministry of industry and information technology to reduce production capacity. In 2016, the city shut down the remaining 14 lattice glass production lines in two batches and eliminated the backward production capacity of 21.79 million weight boxes. Liuguofang, Secretary of Shahe municipal Party committee, said, "by 2018, Shahe City will complete the capacity reduction of 31million weight boxes, increase the capacity utilization rate of the glass industry to about 80%, reduce enterprises, lines and production capacity for the production of raw glass, improve the quality, efficiency and variety of glass products, realize the further optimization of the enterprise organization structure, significantly enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, and significantly improve the overall quality and efficiency."

optimize the product structure of glass original sheet. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we will complete the target positioning of 30% architectural glass, 20% industrial and facility agricultural glass, 20% new material special glass, 20% other functional glass, and 10% energy-saving and environmental protection glass. Building glass should also develop low radiation glass, vacuum glass, safety glass, modern facility agricultural glass, etc. according to market demand. Industrial glass focuses on developing glass plates for transportation equipment (aircraft, high-speed rail, automobile, etc.), achieving breakthroughs in electronic information glass, and producing other small-scale industrial plates through furnace transformation

integrate glass raw sheet production enterprises. Through merger and reorganization, bankruptcy reorganization, debt reorganization, joint reorganization and other means, the existing 12 float glass production enterprises are integrated into large glass groups to improve industrial concentration

remove the original glass production capacity. For the large glass group after the integration and reorganization, the original 43 float glass production lines in the city have been reduced and the production capacity has been reduced by about 21million weight boxes through encouragement, guidance and policy incentives

promote the technological transformation of kilns, reduce the melting volume, reduce the production capacity and raise the grade. According to the differentiated development mode, and according to the requirements of reducing the proportion of building glass and improving industrial glass, each restructured enterprise group has taken out production lines to carry out technological transformation, reduce the melting volume of kilns, remove about 10million weight boxes of chemical production capacity, vigorously develop special glasses with new materials such as high borosilicate, high aluminum, microcrystalline, photoelectric glass, and improve the grade and added value of products

vigorously develop high-end glass deep processing. Encourage reorganized enterprises to make use of the land, plants and industrial workers vacated after the capacity reduction, and vigorously develop high-grade functional glass such as energy-saving and environment-friendly glass, automotive glass, household appliance furniture glass, energy-saving doors and windows, arts and crafts glass, decorative glass, etc. each reorganized enterprise's own deep processing rate of the original film should reach more than 35%. It is necessary to test the applicability of materials and thus promote the development and upgrading of the glass deep processing industry. The blow molding industry, mainly plastic blow molding machines, accounts for a large proportion in the market

further improve the energy structure and raw material quality of the development of the glass industry. Make every effort to build clean coal to gas and high-grade quartz sand raw material base projects, effectively solve the problems of clean energy and raw material quality improvement in the development of the glass industry, and promote the green, safe and healthy development of the industry. It also has the function of experimental curve and experimental data storage, and actively explores new marketing models. First, make full use of the platforms of Zheng and Bo commercial offices to reduce business risks. The second is to vigorously develop the mode of Internet + glass industry + Finance + non local warehouse (overseas warehouse), break the inherent dealer mode, directly face the market, directly connect with users, establish their own service industry chain, and realize the transformation from simple production mode to operation mode, and from independent operation to joint development mode. We should launch the regional brand of "Shahe glass" and drive more enterprises to create national and provincial famous brands

promote the overseas layout of glass enterprises and guide the transfer of production capacity. Grasp the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, encourage and guide glass enterprises to go global, set up factories overseas, and promote the transfer of production capacity

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