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Shale gas 12th Five year plan hopes to announce proved reserves of 1trillion cubic meters

shale gas 12th Five Year Plan is expected to announce proved reserves sprint of 1trillion cubic meters

yesterday, sunmaoyuan, member of the expert advisory committee of the National Energy Commission, said that China's shale gas 12th Five Year Plan has been preliminarily formed and is expected to be released in the near future. In terms of overall development goals, the plan proposes to basically complete the national shale gas resource potential investigation and evaluation by 2015, with proven shale gas geological reserves of 1trillion cubic meters, recoverable reserves of 200billion cubic meters, and an annual output of 65 billion cubic meters, but about billion cubic meters of different experimental objects

sun MaoYuan made the above statement at the "2011 second Asia Summit on unconventional natural gas". He said, "compared with the variables of the CBM plan, the shale gas plan has been drafted."

construction of 19 key exploration and development zones

shale gas refers to the natural gas extracted from shale, which is an important unconventional natural gas resource. With the increase of natural gas gap in China, unconventional gas energy such as coalbed methane and shale gas has been paid attention to. At present, China's shale gas industry is still in its infancy, and there is a certain gap between the level of industrial development and developed countries such as the United States and Canada

China's "12th Five Year Plan" development outline clearly proposes to strengthen the exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources, promote the rapid growth of natural gas, and promote the development and utilization of unconventional oil and gas resources such as shale gas and coalbed methane

it is reported that in 2009, China launched and implemented the first shale gas strategic investigation well, preliminarily identified multiple sets of organic rich shale strata developed in some regions of China, selected 27 favorable areas for shale gas enrichment, and preliminarily established resource evaluation methods

sun MaoYuan said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, in addition to the above indicators, China's shale gas will complete 4300 square kilometers of two-dimensional earthquakes, 4300 square kilometers of three-dimensional earthquakes, 50 investigation wells, 150 exploration wells of various types, and 990 horizontal wells, initially forming a core technology system for shale gas exploration and development that aligns the two sections of the fractured samples at the fracture in line with China's geological characteristics, forming a series of national shale gas technical standards and specifications

at the same time, during the "12th Five Year Plan", China will make breakthroughs in the investigation and evaluation of shale gas resource potential and the layout of shale gas exploration and development

among them, in terms of shale gas resource potential investigation and evaluation, a national special project "national shale gas resource potential investigation and evaluation in the verification work" was established to carry out the most potential investigation by regions and levels. The continental shale gas region in China is divided into five shale gas resource investigation and evaluation areas: North China, northeast, northwest, upper Yangtze, Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi, middle and lower Yangtze, Southeast and Qinghai Tibet

in terms of shale gas exploration and development layout, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi, Liaoning and other provinces will be the focus, and 19 key shale gas exploration and development zones will be built in Western Hubei, Eastern Chongqing, Western Sichuan, Northeastern Sichuan, and Nanchuan

expect greater financial support

"China's shale gas industry is still in the stage of resource investigation, and exploration and development work has just started. There is still a long way to go to achieve large-scale commercial development of shale gas." Sun MaoYuan said, however, China is rich in shale gas resources and has great development potential

Liang Zhongcai, senior petroleum geological engineer of Honghua group, told that at present, the domestic development of a shale gas well requires about 40million yuan. In terms of exploration and development, the state has yet to issue substantive fiscal and tax support policies

sun MaoYuan suggested that the shale gas subsidy policy can be implemented in comparison with the coal-bed gas subsidy policy, including gas production subsidies and the reduction and exemption of royalties (exploration rights and mining rights) to support the development of China's shale gas industry

it is reported that during the "13th five year plan" period, China will also significantly increase the reserves and production scale of 19 key exploration and development areas; At the same time, expand the exploration and development fields of Ordos, Jungar, Tarim, Bohai Bay and so on. By 2020, the annual output of shale gas will strive to reach 80billion cubic meters

according to the institutional report, both energy equipment benefiting from the development of shale gas have a broad utilization market in the field of pipeline insulation. Companies in the market include Jerry Co., Ltd., Shenkai Co., Ltd., Lanke hi tech, furuite equipment, etc

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