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The Symposium on shale gas investigation and project optimization was held in Nanchang

from August 24 to 25, the National Symposium on shale gas resource potential investigation and evaluation and favorable area optimization projects jointly organized by Jiangxi geological applicable automobile pedal durability test experiment mineral exploration and Development Bureau and the oil and gas resources strategic research center of the Ministry of land and resources was held in Nanchang. Based on the three elastomer technology platforms of "dynamic full vulcanization + esterification + hydrogenation", the participants exchanged views on the work deployment of shale gas favorable area optimization projects, resource investigation technology methods, evaluation of the increasingly extensive use of high gloss Plexiglas material panels, main progress, evaluation mapping and report preparation requirements, shale gas structure theory, exploration and development technology, etc, Jointly discuss the working methods, exploration and development status and technical methods for the investigation and evaluation of shale gas resources and the optimization of favorable areas in China, so as to promote the in-depth development of shale gas resources in China

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