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The 2006 coating industry working conference will be held soon the 2006 coating industry working conference will be held March 8, 2006 the China Coating Industry Association recently issued a notice confirming that the "2006 coating industry working conference" will be held in Nanjing from March 21 to 22

according to the notice, 2006 is the first year of China's 11th Five Year Plan and an important year for all industries to promote sustainable development. In order to maintain the healthy and rapid development of China's coating industry, establish a scientific concept of development and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the annual "industry work conference" was held in Nanjing. The theme of this annual meeting is to implement the spirit of the national science and technology conference, promote scientific and technological innovation in the industry, To improve the overall quality of the industry "Strive for profitability after testing several hardness variants of AD1 thermoplastic K series.

I. main contents of the conference

1. The model of China Tu in 2005 combines the advantages of the xinyilian platform of China's No. 5 mining group and Alibaba's 1688 channel to analyze the economic situation of the material industry;

2. convey the spirit of the national science and Technology Conference and promote scientific and technological innovation;

3. guide enterprises to apply environmental protection policies;

4. do a good job with the scientific concept of development This control and fine management

5. Promote the rise of new paint brands in China

6. Establish the evaluation system of circular economy in coating industry

7. The grasp and application of executive power

8. Exchange of new technologies, materials and processes

II. Meeting time

report all day on March 20, 2006. March 21-22 conference

III. venue

Nanjing International Conference Hotel (listed as four stars), No. 2, Sifang City, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

IV. bus route

1 Nanjing railway station - take bus Y1 (special tourism line) to sifangcheng station and walk for 5 minutes to the hotel. Take a taxi to the hotel for about 15 yuan

2. Nanjing South Railway Station - take bus Y2 (special tourism line) to Haidi world station and walk 2 minutes to the hotel. Take a taxi to the hotel for about 20 yuan

3. Nanjing Lukou Airport - ① take the civil aviation bus to Xinjiekou station and transfer to No. 9 bus to sifangcheng station company to seek a new breakthrough. Take a taxi from Xinjiekou to the hotel for about 16 yuan

② take a taxi directly to the hotel for about 150 yuan

v. charging standard

1 The conference service fee is 900 yuan/person (including conference service, materials, meals, etc.). The service fee for members and branch members is 800 yuan/person

2. The accommodation expenses shall be borne by themselves, and the meeting shall be arranged uniformly, 140 yuan/person day (standard room)

VI. for representatives who need private rooms for other matters, please indicate "private rooms" in the remarks column of the receipt so that the meeting affairs team can arrange in advance

leaders of all units are requested to arrange their own work and attend the meeting on time or send personnel to attend the meeting. In addition, please fill in the receipt carefully according to the requirements of the notice, and fax the receipt to the coating department of China Coating Industry Association before March 12, 2006

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