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2005 Singapore label Exhibition: Lantai self-adhesive participated in the 2005 Singapore label exhibition recently, Lantai self-adhesive company displayed their products and services of ren'er in booth e25 of hall 2, focusing on the research and development of film products and adhesives. The development of new products meets the development trend of automobile electrification. New improved film materials include coating and corona treatment PE PP, bright silver PP and lantalex, which are suitable for beauty care and other final fields

Lantai adhesive has all the advantages of global and regional suppliers

provide products that meet the requirements of the local market in the Asia Pacific region, while allowing customers and end users to share global professional technical resources and have products of the same quality

in addition to setting up factories in Malaysia, China and Australia, Lantai self-adhesive also provides services to customers in various Asia Pacific regions through the huge sales network of cutting centers and offices. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded its investment in the region and will continue to increase its capital in the future

9:00-9:30 am on November 23 Kari P., vice president of Asia Pacific Marketing of Lantai self-adhesive? LLI will give a speech on "the development trend of self-adhesive industry"; From 15:00 to 15:30 on Thursday, November 25, Mr. Edward Lu, regional business development director of UPM Rafsec, will give a speech on "the development of RFID tags"

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