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2006 China International Food machinery, packaging and Industry Co., Ltd. please re tension the tensioning wheel; The auxiliary materials exhibition will be held in August. The "2006 China International Food processing machinery, packaging equipment technology and food raw and auxiliary materials exhibition" will be held in the new hall of Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall from August 25 to 27, 2006.

the exhibition is based on "publicity and serving the enterprise. The main products of the exhibition are doors, windows, door covers, corner lines, great wall panels, ceiling, etc." For the purpose, rich resources and strong publicity will provide exhibitors with one-stop solutions and the best business platform, and create new market expansion channels for customers. China food news, one of the sponsors, has accumulated thousands of industry customer resources over the past 20 years and has maintained a good interactive relationship with customers for a long time. China food news is distributed nationwide in the form of. It has stations and workstations throughout the country. Its long-term focus on professional fields has made China Food News highly authoritative and influential in the industry. Such a large scale of customer resources and publicity ability is beyond the reach of any other exhibition organizing committee. Enterprises applying for the conference will enjoy the comprehensive and considerate "Trinity" service and publicity of China food news and China food. At the same time, all-round and multi angle reports on the exhibition will comprehensively enhance the awareness of the exhibition in the industry, ensure the influence of the exhibition, and make exhibitors and visitors get satisfactory participation results

it is reported that the exhibition covers the following important contents: various food processing machinery, beverage and brewing processing machinery, dairy products processing machinery, cold drinks processing machinery, meat products processing machinery, baking products processing machinery, kitchen processing equipment, various packaging equipment, packaging materials, packaging containers, and various related food raw and auxiliary materials

in order to extensively and deeply discuss the industrial technology development trend and market dynamics, and provide the latest information for the participants, during the exhibition, China food news will also hold several summit forums on the international competitiveness, brand strategy and marketing of Chinese food machinery and packaging equipment enterprises, such as innovation, enterprise mergers and acquisitions and brand cooperation. Leaders of well-known enterprises, industry experts and relevant departments will be invited to give speeches, Carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges with the participants, so as to "feel the pulse and open the way" for Chinese food machinery and packaging equipment enterprises, and comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of the industry

the organizer said that according to the statistical experimental data, the exhibition will invite foreign influential professional exhibition companies, organize foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition in China, and organize foreign professional visitors to visit China. The grafting of professional strong media and overseas exhibition companies will effectively expand the scale of the exhibition, improve the product grade, and provide a good market development platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises. China food news and China food will join hands with all the participants to create new business opportunities, build an exhibition aircraft carrier for the food machinery and packaging equipment industry, and make this exhibition a high-quality, high return and high-level industry event worthy of the expectation of the industry

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