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The 2006 World Packaging Conference was held in China. The 2002 Council of the World Packaging Organization was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, on April 27. China Packaging Technology Association attended the conference on behalf of China. The meeting was chaired by Mr. harberfield, chairman. Mr. osmetz, the new secretary general of the World Packaging Organization, introduced the agenda of the current session to the representatives of various countries. The meeting had a heated discussion on such topics as the emblem, member funds, the selection of world stars, packaging education, packaging standards, the World Packaging Organization station, the election procedures for the Secretary General and chairman, and future development strategies. The meeting decided that the World Packaging Organization would strengthen its contacts with relevant international organizations and governments; The selection of world star will be directly submitted to the World Packaging Organization for nano metal materials through national (regional) associations; The education funds of the World Packaging Organization to support the association of third world countries will be earmarked for special purposes and cannot be used for travel and other purposes; Attach great importance to the impact of packaging industry on the environment; Launch the new emblem of the World Packaging Organization; Strengthen the construction of a New World Packaging Organization station headquartered in Sweden

when the representatives of various countries delivered speeches, Mr. Qian Jin, head of the delegation of China Packaging Association and full-time vice president and Secretary General of China Packaging Association, first gave a speech entitled "the current situation and development trend of China's packaging industry", which was welcomed and concerned by the participants

according to the proposal of the delegation of China Packaging Association, the World Packaging Organization Council voted on the venue of the 2006 World Packaging Conference. The representatives of the participating countries agreed that the world packaging conference would be held in China in the first half of 2006, and the conference would be organized by China Packaging Technology Association

on the evening of April 27, how should the World Packaging Organization conduct experiments in Dusseldorf? The impact resistance test is to measure the impact strength of materials under the impact load. The Rhine Hotel on the Rhine River held a grand "world star" award ceremony and dinner. Nearly 1000 delegates from various delegations attended the ceremony. China has won a total of 9 "world star" Awards (including 5 nominated by China Association for packaging and 4 nominated by Taiwan Association for packaging). Qian Jin, head of the delegation of China Association for packaging, received the above 9 award certificates on behalf of China

the delegation of China contracting association is composed of Mr. Cai Lixin, director of the industrial policy department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, consultant of the delegation of China contracting Association, leaders of China contracting Association and famous 1 Power supply: composed of representatives of ac220v400w packaging enterprises. The delegation visited Interpack international packaging exhibition, Metpack international metal container exhibition and PET packaging International Exhibition held in Germany. During the exhibition, the delegation of China contracting association also held working talks with Britain, the United States, Italy, Russia, Japan, Israel and India, and participated in the special procurement negotiations of Chinese enterprises in Antwerp

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