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2005 moxa software partner recruitment activity

(August 5, 2005, Shanghai) this year is the 18th year since the establishment of the industrial communication equipment manufacturer 404 Technology (moxa). In addition to continuing to provide customers with more complete solutions on the original rs-232/422/485 serial port communication products, moxa has recently launched a series of all-round embedded industrial computers designed for industrial and embedded applications, In order to make the front-end control of industrial equipment more simple, stable and convenient, so as to meet the needs of users in data acquisition and communication protocol conversion. Since the launch of moxa embedded industrial computer, it has been widely praised by the market and customers, and its sales performance has grown significantly

today, moxa will continue to invest more R & D energy to develop more perfect embedded industrial computer solutions. At the same time, the "moxa software partner recruitment activity" was announced, so that we can enrich ourselves and become stronger, find suitable software vendors to develop moxa's embedded computer system, and provide customized software value-added services to meet the needs of customers, so as to create a business landscape. Mopa610 and PA1010 polymer products increased by $0.50 per kilogram. XA expects to grow together with its software partners not only in business sales, but also in product quality improvement and innovative technology feedback

this moxa Software Cooperative impact testing machine refers to the partner recruitment activity of exerting impact testing force on samples. It is jointly organized by China Society of automation and Taiwan 404 Technology Co., Ltd. (moxa technologies), with the full participation of China industrial control, China industrial control, automation Expo and electric gas times as supporting media. The CAA expert advisory committee will set up a "Review Committee" to ensure a fair, just, serious, serious and responsible review of the basic data you submitted. If you pass the review, you will become a moxa software partner recognized by the Chinese society of automation and be awarded a certificate

moxa software partners' benefits:

project services

customized support, and relevant preferential support for the market

project cooperation

moxa provides new project opportunities

technical services

give priority to product training, testing and technical support, and participate in the development and discussion of new products

marketing cooperation

publish and promote SP solutions, provide product information in time, and jointly hold relevant activities

moxa software partner requirements:

software development capability based on moxa product platform (for example, be familiar with Linux development, wince development, C program development, network development, serial port development, embedded development

provide the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, rubber, paper, walking belt, tire and other materials sliding when using moxa. It is required to measure the industry solution capability of the product (power/telecommunications/transportation/energy, etc.)

have good moxa product technical support ability, solve customer problems at the first time

based on project cooperation, cooperate with moxa to serve end users

in addition, as a moxa software partner, you will also enjoy the product training plan, priority product testing right and marketing related activity support provided by moxa, as well as intensive global seminars, forums and product promotion. Of course, moxa's complete technical support will help you solve your problems in product technology. We expect to build linux based industrial customer solutions with software partners to achieve the goal of common growth and profit sharing

participation measures

to ensure that you become a member of moxa partner, please go to:, after filling in the application form, moxa representative will contact you to determine your basic data. The moxa software partner program will be implemented on August 15, 2005. You can register your registration information at any time. In addition, moxa has also prepared a 90 day free borrowing test activity for uc-7420 for you. If you need it, you can click to learn more

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