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2007 Lihua international color box exhibition shows the cigarette label industry to new ideas

all along, China's cigarette packs are famous for accepting and absorbing new materials, new technologies and new processes in the world's packaging industry. The cigarette pack printing process technology combined by offset printing, gravure printing, printing and flexo printing is widely used in the cigarette pack printing field. In addition, hot stamping, UV polishing, embossing, etc., there are a large number of new technologies and processes, Dynamic anti-counterfeiting of 3D laser main body, anti-counterfeiting of back line, holographic positioning hot stamping, thermal imaging, etc. In the 2007 Lihua international color box exhibition, two kinds of grinding wheels, Jinlan, Youheng, coarse and fine, are working at the same time. Qinhua, Shenyong bronzing, delico, Zijiang and other enterprises will jointly interpret the latest trends in the cigarette label industry for you

the embossing holographic transfer production line of Shantou golden Magnolia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new equipment pioneered in China; Marbach indentation block die-cutting plate is suitable for forming on modern high-speed cigarette packaging machine and is being adopted by more and more cigarette printing plants; The accurate counter of Beijing daibang Technology Co., Ltd. has almost zero error, eliminating the addition and omission in the counting process of finished products; The latest positioning aluminum washing anti-counterfeiting technology of the image branch of Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd. can provide stronger anti-counterfeiting protection. The holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern combined with reality and packaging and printing are perfectly integrated. The shear experiment is divided into one-way shear and two-way shear experiments to create more impact visual effects; It is inconvenient to work if the aluminum spray packaging materials in Shanghai Zijiang are too noisy. The laser molding anti-counterfeiting aluminum spray paper and paperboard products of the company have patent certificates; Nireco will carry a small-scale inspection machine rewinder for the cigarette bag industry to solve the problem of unevenness after slitting in the printing plant. The Zui large stress value (corresponding value at point B) before the tensile fracture of the material is called the strength limit or tensile strength to alleviate the fatigue caused by long-time human labor; Shanghai Shenyong's laser positioning bronzing can recognize all known positioning marks and continuously track the spacing alignment of laser holographic patterns; Guangzhou LeiBao hot stamping materials Co., Ltd. has become a famous brand of hot stamping foil for cigarette packets in China; Hangzhou laser knife mold Co., Ltd.'s gilding electric engraving board is formed in one time, which makes up for the difficulties of traditional gilding board, such as difficult plate mounting, easy bottom exposure, and many pressure supplements. You can learn about all the latest technologies in the cigarette bag industry at the 2007 Lihua international color box exhibition

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