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From the end of the year to, the concept of "New Year decoration" launched by Wuhan home decoration industry has been overwhelming, and substantial discounts from Wuhan decoration companies have also followed, attracting the attention of many home decoration consumers. However, many decoration owners still have doubts about the quality of the New Year decoration: is there any guarantee for the construction quality of the New Year decoration

indeed, consumers' choice of New Year decoration has many advantages: it can not only avoid price increases in the coming year, but also get many year-end concessions. However, many consumers are more or less ambivalent about the New Year decoration: the construction period is long, so they can't have a good year at ease, and sometimes they are afraid of construction risks. Decoration company or contractor for decoration in the new year? Presumably, this is a topic of concern to many owners. Recently, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network visited some industry experts and answered various questions about the new year's decoration one by one

decoration company or contractor for New Year decoration? This is also the relationship between many owners. In this industry, insiders said that the decoration units should be well controlled. During the Spring Festival, it is more important than usual to choose a construction unit with excellent household materials. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network visited some experts in Wuhan and pointed out that many sequelae in the decoration are caused by the lax control of decoration materials. Generally, brand construction units with strength, good reputation and good service are more professional and in place in this regard, and owners need to be careful when choosing. As the contractor has problems such as inconsistent implementation and going home during the Spring Festival, it is recommended not to find a foreman from other places

since many people choose to get married in the first half of next year, many citizens will decorate at the end of the year, and a considerable number of them hope to finish the project before the Spring Festival and move into their new homes, but there are also many risks in doing so. The construction of the home decoration project must be done in strict accordance with the requirements of the project, and there are bound to be some problems in blindly rushing for time. Wuhan home decoration network reminds you that many projects must have a certain time as the basis to do well. For example, the paint must be completely dry for the first time and then painted for the second time, otherwise it will be easy to crack in the future. Some experts also pointed out that the owner should not rush the work excessively, otherwise it is easy to have quality problems. If the time is really insufficient, it is no problem to delay it until after the new year

even if the house can be decorated before the Spring Festival, you can't rush to move in. Designers also believe that many citizens are becoming more and more sensitive to decoration pollution, and it has become a "consensus" to leave the new house empty for twoorthree months after decoration. For citizens whose decoration is about to be completed or has just been completed, if there are no special circumstances, they cannot move in too quickly: "besides, the temperature in winter is low, and if the indoor ventilation is poor, many harmful substances left in the decoration process are difficult to volatilize, which will have a great impact on the body."

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