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Recently, Mr. Li, who lives in Caoyuan Chunxiao, Tianyuan District, posted a complaint on the Internet, saying that in August this year, he chose a "guerrilla" to decorate his home. Unexpectedly, only two months after the completion, the wooden floor bulged and degummed. He called the decorator. At first, the other party said that it would be repaired after a period of time. Now he simply turned it off and ignored it

in this regard, industry insiders remind that in the face of the decoration market that is not yet standardized for the time being, owners must pay attention to improving their awareness of prevention when decorating their homes. It is best to choose large decoration enterprises with brands and quality assurance, because in addition to price concessions, risk prevention and guaranteed after-sales service are obviously more important

"guerrillas" have a lot of decoration problems

"regular decoration companies need 30 yuan per square meter to pave the floor, while home decoration guerrillas only need 15 yuan." Mr. Li said that after something went wrong, the original guerrillas shut down and disappeared. He had to find another regular decoration company to repair it. Once he settled the account, "it's seven or eight yuan/square meter more than looking for the decoration company at the beginning."

Mr. Wu, who lives in Hetang District, also encountered a similar situation. "At that time, a friend recommended home decoration guerrillas to me. There were a total of 6 people in the first team, including masons, carpenters, water and electricity installers, and the price was 30% lower than that of regular home decoration companies."

aiming at this cheap price, Mr. Wu chose the guerrillas. "The surface looked OK at the time of acceptance, but after checking in, I found that the quality of the decoration materials was very poor, not the brand and specification originally specified. Later, I wanted to talk to them and recover the loss, but I found that the decoration team couldn't even find anyone." He spoke with anger

"guerrilla" decoration after-sales is not guaranteed

for the experience of the above two citizens, the president of the municipal decoration industry association said that because the home decoration guerrillas do not have a fixed workplace, after problems occur, it is difficult for citizens to safeguard their rights, and they can only eat Coptis silently, which is hard to say

the association often receives complaints from owners about home decoration guerrillas, which are generally about guerrilla prices opening low and going high, Jerry building, etc. But because the guerrillas have not gone through the formal registration procedures, we have no way to supervise them. The biggest problem of the home decoration guerrillas is that if something goes wrong, they will leave halfway without any after-sales guarantee

"There are generally three ways for the home decoration guerrillas to reach decoration intentions with the owners. The first is to only contract labor and not be responsible for materials. The main hazards are: the master has not received formal training, and the decoration quality is not guaranteed. In addition, the master's salary is relatively low at first, and then he will devise a name to ask for a raise, otherwise he will go on strike. The second is to calculate the salary according to the amount of materials used. The main hazards are: the master will use materials excessively, on the one hand, he can increase his salary, On the other hand, the master can eat material rebates. The third is to contract labor and materials. The guerrilla master reported materials to the decoration owners, most of which only reported the brand, and did not explain the series, grade and model of the materials clearly. Finally, the money was collected according to the standard of high-grade materials of the brand, but the low-grade materials of the brand were used. " An insider who did not want to be named warned

choose a brand decoration company to prevent risks

"choose a decoration company, preferably a brand company with a long time, good reputation and guaranteed strength." Tengqishan said that before decoration, the owner must check the license and qualification level certificate of the home decoration company. When signing the contract, the owner can first check the examples that the decoration company has done before, or go to the relevant regulatory departments to understand the detailed operation of the decoration company. Consumers can also choose decoration companies recommended by third-party platforms. For example, the owners can participate in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network (Registration telephone: 400-607-2258), and nearly 40 brand decoration companies are available for the owners of Jiangcheng. In addition, the owners who participate in the decoration bidding can enjoy three decoration companies to measure the house for you for free, and there is a third-party platform of Wuhan home decoration network to supervise, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the owner's decoration. [participate in decoration bidding]




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