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2018 is a bumper year for yimeide door and window factory. Under the leadership of general manager xionglin Feng, the company has made remarkable achievements in overall sales and brand building, demonstrating its strength and glory

forge ahead and forge ahead into the future

2018 is a bumper year for Iraq virtue. Under the leadership of general manager xionglin Feng, the company has made remarkable achievements in overall sales and brand building, demonstrating strength and glory. To give life and light to time, please follow me to review the 2018 memorabilia of yimeide

01 breaking ground, overwhelming

2018 yimeide increased its market development efforts, and many blank areas have been incorporated into the territory of yimeide. From northeast to southwest, from the provincial capital cities to small counties, merchants from many places across the country have successively joined the big family of yimeide. All franchisees are full of confidence and highly praise the product quality and market reputation of the company

franchised stores opened in many places

02 favored by foreign businessmen, and the export is gratifying

Iraqi virtue inherits the spirit of German craftsmanship and technology, and the product quality is good, which has won the favor of foreign merchants. The products are exported to Southeast Asia and many island countries in the Pacific, and the whole cabinet of products are transported overseas from time to time. The reason why we choose Imade is because of its excellent product quality, which is very good in wind pressure resistance, water tightness and many other properties. Many indicators also exceed national standards and can withstand the hurricane attack in the Pacific region


engineering projects, frequent good news

over the years since its establishment, IMED engineering projects have spread all over the country, witnessing the market's recognition of IMED brands and products. With the substantial increase of sales outlets, there are more and larger engineering projects in 2018. A project is more complex than the door and window project of a single family, because it has higher requirements for management. Yimeide sends professionals to follow up every project, and strives to satisfy the construction party and users with perfect quality


team building, fruitful

yimeide strengthened team building in 2018. In addition to inviting teachers to the company for internal training, it also sent company staff to professional base training to further improve the overall quality of the team. Now the team is strong and the morale is unprecedentedly high, and Iraq virtue is bound to be invincible


equipment upgrading, quality building in the future

if you want to do a good job, you must first use its tools. The company introduces imported equipment with more advanced performance, which greatly improves the production efficiency and further improves the quality. Especially when processing difficult products, imede is at ease


throughout 2018, yimeide was booming, and the busy production and loading scenes depicted a magnificent development blueprint of yimeide

"great dreams are not waiting and shouting,

but fighting and working"

every step of persistence and every precipitation

are worth looking back, and the collection of

the past is a prelude

2019, yimeide continues to

never forget its original intention and forge ahead

Foshan yimeide doors and windows company was founded in 2008 as a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its products include high-end heavy-duty sliding doors, aluminum doors, European villa sunshine room, folding doors, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge window screen integrated windows, Pt doors, etc. Yimeide door and window factory has signed grassland singer Ulan Tuya as the brand spokesperson. Yimeide has participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou Construction Expo for many years, and has invested a lot of money to strongly display and broadcast advertisements on major high-speed rail sites across the country. At present, yimeide door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with yimeide brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country. Company address: Shuibian Industrial Park, Taiping Town, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan. Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise hotline: 0757-81821258; website





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