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Interview with Maria Fernandez-Ache from The Mallorca Files - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Maria Fernandez-Ache plays Palma police chief Ines Villegas

Q: Have you been surprised by the positive reception to The Mallorca Files?
A: Not reallyThe final three grades wit, because all the elements are there for it to succeed: the show is full of hope, fun, action and love. It’s just what we need at the moment, more so now than ever. I just knew it was going to be a hit.

I’m only sad that it hasn’t yet been broadcast in Spain, but I know that it’s on its way as I dubbed my character, Ines, in Spanish soon after we finished filming.

Q: How would you describe Ines’ relationship with Max and Miranda in particular in S2clearly overworked?
A: “When Ines first met Miranda, she was distrustful of this stranger who had suddenly turned up at her stationThe second state i. She’d had Max, for one, dancing to her tune for the last few years and now here was Miranda treading on her toes and getting Max to side with her. The whole system was upset by the arrival of this outsider and then, above all, Miranda lied to her. Throughout he first season, though, Miranda gained Ines’ trust and respect little by little.

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