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PP daily review: poor transaction, market consolidation

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upstream raw materials:

crude oil: the closing price of the New York Mercantile Exchange on Monday was 58.50 US dollars, down 0.13 US dollars; London Intercontinental Exchange closed at $57.48, down $0.66

propylene: the closing price of propylene in the Far East fell on Monday, with the closing price of USD/ton

manufacturer information:

listing price settlement of Sinopec Huazhong and Huabei companies. In terms of devices: Yanshan Petrochemical Sanju turns to k9026, and Guangzhou Petrochemical Yiju turns to f400h

market Description:

pp market atmosphere weakened today. Due to poor transaction, the slightly better atmosphere of the market deteriorated yesterday. There are not many market resources, but the transaction is difficult to improve. Merchants are also unwilling to sell goods at a low price. The market continues to maintain a weak adjustment trend

specific market trends, the atmosphere in North China today is general, and the market quotation has little change. The mainstream price of wire drawing in the market is 955. These digital quantities are sent to the computer through a specific interface circuit. The low-cost quotation is in gold tool torque detection equipment, which is used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches. It can also carry out the torsion strength test of all kinds of parts and wrench change experimental mechanism parts The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories 00 yuan/ton; The quotation in East China is basically stable, and the market atmosphere is relatively cold. The drawing price is basically at yuan/ton, the quotation of fiber material is at yuan/ton, and the quotation of copolymerization is at yuan/ton; The quotation in South China is also stable. There are not many market resources, but the actual trading volume is still low. There are many single discussions. The mainstream price of wire drawing T30S in the market is yuan/ton, the price of injection plastic is yuan/ton, and the copolymerization price is 10700 yuan/ton

today's viewpoint:

the atmosphere of PP market fell today, and the market quotation was basically stable, mainly supported by high oil prices. The mentality of merchants was general, and the quotation was basically stable. It was difficult to deal in large quantities in the downstream, which always confused the market. It was expected that the market price would be mainly consolidated, and the wire drawing price would be yuan/ton

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