Comments on the price of polyester filament in Jia

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Comments on polyester filament prices in Shengze Jiaxing

driven by the downstream replenishment market, the price in the polyester market today still shows an upward trend. For example, Shengze has been raising the price of DTY by yuan/t and Youguang FDY by yuan/t when you enter the nano scale. In addition, the FDY selected varieties of large textile mills have been increased by 100 yuan/t; The local chip spinning price in Shengze showed a trend of rising. Taicang polyester FDY center of gravity rises by about 100 yuan. The price of polyester fiber in Tongxiang area has increased. For example, the quotation of FDY has generally increased by 100 yuan/ton. Wang dengwen of Youguang POY believes that the price of 200D has increased by 100 yuan/ton, and the price of DTY black fiber, cationic fiber and composite fiber has also increased by 10 yuan/ton, which is convenient for use. The market price of polyester Shengze and Jiaxing in Xiaoshao area has also moved up. Judging from the current polyester market conditions, some varieties of polyester manufacturers have tight supply, but considering the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the downstream replenishment volume has increased significantly. Affected by this, the polyester market will also have a slight upward trend in the short term

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