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On October 14, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

at the close of the market today, the China Plastics spot warehouse receipt composite index was 1069.65 points, up 0.87 points from the closing of the previous trading day; The ABS index was 1103.20 points, down 0.35 points; LLDPE index was 1050.57 points, up 1.77 points; The PP index was 1063.18 points, up 0.43. The total trading volume was 6565 tons, slightly lower than the previous trading day; The total order volume was 21240 tons, up 685 tons from the previous trading day

the ll0511 warehouse receipt, the main linear warehouse receipt, opened low and vibrated upward. It was protected by a lubricated insulating pipe or lined with a soft insulating ring in the inner hole of the pipe orifice. It was up to 10630 at the highest, and closed at 10600 at the end of the day. The settlement price rose by 11 yuan, which was the smallest increase among all linear warehouse receipts. From the K-line, an upper shadow was taken out, and then nail polish was used to seal the line and the male line with a similar length of the column. The 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average and the 20-day moving average overlapped again, but there was no obvious upward breakthrough trace. Transactions and orders continued to fall. The order volume of ll0512 continues to grow, and the trading volume begins to approach the main ll0511 warehouse receipts. It seems that the alternation of the main warehouse receipts is close at hand. On the 30 minute and 90 minute trend charts, various technical indicators give a weak signal of price rise. Generally speaking, although the price trend tends to rise, there is no substantive breakthrough, and it should still be in the shock consolidation stage

pp0512, the main warehouse order of polypropylene, rose violently after opening, and finally closed at 10920. From the perspective of K-line, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-quality development group with strong technical strength. Pp0512 has received a positive line with short upper shadow line and long lower shadow line. The distance between the 5-day moving average and the 10-day moving average is getting closer and closer, and it is more likely to cross the 10-day moving average upward. The trading volume and order volume increased again compared with the previous trading day, especially PCI pointed out in the report that the trading volume increased greatly. It is worth noting that 53 batches of warehouse closing orders appeared at 10:40 and 40 batches of signed orders appeared at 10:46. The time interval is very close, and the direction is just the opposite, and the volume is also very large. On the 30 and 90 minute trend charts, various technical indicators give a weak signal that prices are bullish. Overall, pp0512 has a trend of continuous upward breakthrough in the shock, but the contradiction between the long and short sides is also further increasing

data released by the International Energy Agency on Thursday showed a decline in real demand, and international crude oil closed lower again after rising for two consecutive days. WTI closed at $63.08, down $1.04. By 14:30pm, the real-time price of WTI was $62.82, with a maximum of $63.10 and a minimum of $62.72. The ex factory prices of some brands of PP and ABS have been reduced. The spot market in Yuyao is still flat, and some other markets are slightly volatile but basically stable. Market demand has always been unable to start, which has become a worry for many traders. In the face of the lack of vitality of the market, it seems that no one can come up with a clear statement about where to go in the future. (personal view, for reference only. Based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

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