The hottest PP market fluctuated and consolidated,

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[PP] market shock consolidation waiting for the introduction of favorable policies

I. brief introduction of the market

crude oil rose and the plastic period opened high. The former's expensive market boost to the market was limited. Due to the obstruction of transactions at high prices, the PP market trading was light, and the market shock consolidation was dominated. The latest domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is at yuan/ton, domestic copolymer is at yuan/ton, imported copolymer is at yuan/ton, and monofilament powder is at 11700 yuan/ton

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

crude oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose 2% on Friday. 1. Check whether the connection of the oil circuit system is tightened. Nymex10 crude oil futures rose $1.85 to settle at $96.47 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures in October rose $1.92 to settle at $114.57 a barrel

last Friday (August 31), far east propylene: FOB South Korea dollars/ton, down 3 dollars/ton from the previous trading day

III. local market conditions

PP market quotation rose slightly today. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, the enthusiasm of downstream factories to receive goods is not high, and the trading atmosphere is general

the PP market quotation in Shunde rose, and Maoming T30S reported 11100 yuan/ton without tickets; Special materials: EPS30R no ticket 1, while the cutting of the other two samples requires strict control of 1000 yuan/ton, EPC30R-H no ticket 10950 yuan/ton, j641 no ticket 10850 yuan/ton, Hainan v30g no ticket 10750 yuan/ton, Beihai v30g no ticket 10650 yuan/ton

some quotations in the PP market around Yanshan rose, mainly on the sidelines. The market resources of wire drawing materials are general. There are few goods in Daqing T30S. Datang l5e89 reports 11400 yuan/ton and 550j reports yuan/ton

the PP market quotation in Linyi increased slightly. Qingdao T03 reported 11450 yuan/ton, Qingdao Ti reported 11450 yuan/ton without tickets, Ningmei 1102k reported 11450 yuan/ton, Datang l5e89 reported 11500 yuan/ton, Shenhua l5e89 reported 11500 yuan/ton, no tickets reported 11450 yuan/ton, 550j reported 11450 yuan/ton. The actual transaction is a single deal

IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

PetroChina Southwest PP today's latest Lanhua wire drawing T30S listing price is 11450 yuan/ton, Qingyang T30S listing price is 11400 yuan/ton, S1003 listing price is 11450 yuan/ton, membrane T38F listing price is 11600 yuan/ton, Dushanzi copolymer EPS30R listing price is 11550 yuan/ton, K8003 listing price is 11450 yuan/ton, pipe 4228 listing price is 12250 yuan/ton, PA14D listing price is 12700 yuan/ton

PetroChina Huabei PP's latest drawing T30S listing price is 11550 yuan/ton, S1003 listing price is 11550 yuan/ton, injection molding v30g/j700 listing price is 11450 yuan/ton, Z30S listing price is 11500 yuan/ton, film T38F listing price is 11600 yuan/ton, h39s-2 listing price is 11500 yuan/ton, film t28fe listing price is 11650 yuan/ton, S900 listing price is 11350 yuan/ton, copolymerization EPS30R listing price is 11800 yuan/ton, an increase of 150 yuan/ton, K8003 listing price is 11800 yuan/ton, an increase of 150 yuan/ton, The listing price of ppb4228 pipe is 11930 yuan/ton, and the listing price of PA14D is 13130 yuan/ton

the latest drawing T30S of PetroChina Huanan PP today is priced at 11500 yuan/ton, l5e89 is priced at 11450 yuan/ton, copolymerization K8003 is priced at 11650 yuan/ton, SP179 is priced at 11500 yuan/ton, injection molding v30g is priced at 11400 yuan/ton, and fiber z69s is priced at 11450 yuan/ton

2. The quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the rise and fall of some brands of plastic spot PP were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, bj750/South Korea SamSung lowest reported 11700 yuan/ton (down 150), j550s/Hunan Petrochemical lowest reported 12200 yuan/ton (up 100), m2600r/Shanghai Petrochemical lowest reported 12700 yuan/ton (down 300), t30s/Huajin Chemical lowest reported 11750 yuan/ton (down 450)

5. Future forecast

the PMI of August data shows weakness, and means that China's economy will continue to bottom out in the third quarter. This was originally bad news, but as the saying goes, bad macroeconomic data investors are more likely to expect favorable policies to be issued, which is already under pressure. At present, the overall performance of the market is not optimistic. The main resistance is still concentrated on the transaction side, and the deadlock is difficult to break. It is expected that the short-term PP market may still be a volatile consolidation market

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