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On September 26, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

when the market closed, the China Plastics spot warehouse receipt composite index was 1082.00 points, down 2.96 points from the closing of the previous trading day; The ABS index was 1099.46 points, up 0.60 points; LLDPE index was 1052.85 points, down 0.49 points; PP index was 1083.42 points, down 4.94 points

crude oil futures prices fell sharply. Due to the uncertain trend and difficult to grasp the fundamentals, the impact on the market is limited. On the market, the opening price jumped short and opened low, but the strong support of various parties made the price gradually higher. All warehouse receipts generally showed a trend of rising first and then falling, among which the linear performance was more prominent. The total volume of transactions on the market was 5015 tons, significantly lower than yesterday; The total order was 20675 tons, significantly lower than the previous trading day

the main linear ll0511 warehouse orders opened low and went high. Driven by the buying, the price oscillated upward, and closed out the small positive line with long shadow lines. The price maintained a typical oscillatory finishing pattern. The order volume and trading volume decreased compared with the previous trading day, indicating that the wait-and-see atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. On the 30 and 90 minute trend charts, the technical indicators were confused and no clear up and down signals were given. To sum up, the price pattern, demand fulfillment volume, yin-yang line and technical indicators do not give rise or fall signals, or signals for price oscillation and consolidation

the main difference between pp0510 warehouse receipt and ll0511, which is one of the main forces of polypropylene, is that it closes out a small negative line, and the trend shows signs of downward. At the same time, K-line trend, yin-yang line shape, and technical indicators tend to lower prices

the hurricane is still raging, the impact needs to be assessed, and the reconstruction has just begun. These will take time, and George W. Bush is discussing countermeasures. Before the market does not realize the change, the oil price should be mainly consolidation. (Jinyu)

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