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PP market in the Asia Pacific region

this week (November 7 - November 13), the Asian polypropylene (PP) market fell into a state of repair. It is said that the fiber grade and BOPP grade in Southeast Asia are priced at $1150 CFR China main port (CMP) and 1 per ton respectively. Are you checking the size of $190 CFR CMP, down $per ton from the lowest quotation last week. The low transaction price level prompted the seller's offer of fiber grade/injection molding grade to $1, 150 CFR CMP per ton. With the concern of price decline lingering in the market, the buyer's intended price is lower than US $1130 CFR CMP per ton

the sharp decline in import prices this week is partly due to the bearish trend caused by the fluctuation of crude oil prices and the decline in propylene raw material prices. This is also the reason for the significant decline in the price of imported cargo in China's domestic market

this week, the price of imported fiber grade/injection molding grade fell by yuan per ton to 11, 300 yuan per ton, mainly due to the competition of cheap local shipments. Imported cargoes are often the choice of China's export end users because they are eligible for tax reduction and exemption. However, Chinese producers even cut prices sharply with tax cuts, so that the price of imported shipments is more expensive than that of local shipments

in the past three weeks, Chinese resin manufacturers have been emptying their inventories. Due to the reduction of factory orders and the high financing costs after the recent increase in China's interest rates, local end-users have reduced the purchase volume by avoiding the extension of human overload

as the demand in the Chinese market is still sluggish, the long-term prospect is not very optimistic. In addition, market transactions in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be reduced by 021 (3) due to the end of the Ramadan holiday next week

average polymer fiber grade/injection molding grade: at the beginning of this week, the market rumored that after a Southeast Asian delivery transaction was reached at $1150 CFR per ton, the quotation of Asian fiber grade fell to $1, 150 CFR CMP per ton in November, down $per ton from the lowest quotation last week

the price of imported cargoes in East China has remained stable at 11, 800 yuan per ton in the past two weeks, while it is delivered in polymer categories. At present, it has fallen to 11, 300 yuan per ton

the manufacturer quoted us $1150 per ton CFR Southeast Asia, while the buyer's intended price was US $1, 140 per ton CFR Southeast Asia

Malaysian fiber grade cargoes are sold for 4790 ringgit (Myr) per ton in the local market, up 150 ringgit (Myr) per ton from the previous trading price

bopp film grade: it is said that the sales price of shipments in Southeast Asia in November was US $1190 per ton CFR China. Generally, the manufacturer's intended selling price is $1, 210 CFR CMP per ton, but it is said that the quotation is as low as $1150 CFR CMP per ton

in the Southeast Asian market, the price of the Middle East shipment in November is US $1220 per ton CFR Indonesia, 60 day letter of credit

ipp film grade: the price of the Middle East cargo of the seller is $1, 240 per ton CFR China did not attract purchase intention, because the earlier imported cargo was delivered at $12000 per ton, which is estimated to be equivalent to $1115 per ton CFR China

it is said that the Southeast Asian cargo with four to five containers sells FOB Southeast Asia at US $1195 per ton in the same region. The freight is estimated at US $per ton

production news: Taiwan FCFC's new device with an annual processing capacity of 150000 tons is still in the trial production stage, and it is expected to start commercial production by the end of November or early December

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