The hottest PP demand restricts the market rebound

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[PP] demand restricts the market rebound, and attention is paid to the petrochemical policy

I. market overview

today's PP market is volatile and consolidated. Most traders' enthusiasm for shipping has declined due to the limited supply of goods, mainly waiting to see the market. Most downstream manufacturers wait and see the market, and their willingness to take the initiative to receive goods is not strong. The market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and the transaction is relatively flat

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

on Thursday (December 29), the settlement price of West Texas light oil futures in February 2012 on the New York Mercantile Exchange was 99.65 per barrel. The expert from Mitsubishi first printed out a small plastic pressure cap in US dollars using a standard 3D printer (only three axes), up US $0.29 from the previous trading day. The rebound in crude oil has a certain boosting effect on the mentality of businesses. Limited to the constraints of weak demand, businesses are mostly wait-and-see

on Thursday, the closing price of Far East propylene rose slightly by $5/ton to close at 1179 5 dollars/ton. The continued rise has slightly improved the market atmosphere, but merchants are generally cautious, and there are still doubts about the future trend

III. local market conditions

today's PP market quotation fluctuated slightly. Most businesses have few sources of goods and few external quotations; Some merchants pre sell the supply after new year's day. Downstream factories wait and see the market, mainly purchasing on demand

Changzhou PP market quotation rose slightly. At the end of the month, the market arrival volume is small, and the market supply volume is not large. Most traders are not enthusiastic about shipping and do not offer much. Wait and see the market in the downstream, purchase on demand, and the market transaction is acceptable

the PP market quotation in Xi'an surged. Qingyang device maintenance led to tight supply of goods in the market, supporting the market report to rise slightly. Downstream demand is still weak, resulting in poor overall market transactions

the price of goods in Changsha PP market is stabilizing. By the end of the year, most traders had completed their plans for the year, and their enthusiasm for quotation was not high. The downstream demand further decreased due to the holiday at the end of the year, and the market transactions were less

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. The quotation of Sinopec is the first in China's aluminum alloy cable industry

the ex factory price of PetroChina Southwest PP is stable, the implementation of pricing sales, and the sales situation is general. T30S is priced at 10050 yuan/ton, and v30g is priced at 9950 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina northwest PP is stable, the pricing and listing are sold, and the sales situation is general. T30S is priced at 10400 yuan/ton, and S1003 is priced at 10400 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina Huadong PP is stable, and the pricing sales are carried out. The sales situation is general. T30S is priced at 10100 yuan/ton, and Z30S is priced at 10300 yuan/ton

2. The quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the rise and fall of some brands of plastic spot PP were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, j340/Yangzi Petrochemical lowest reported 11500 yuan/ton (up 300), k4912/Shanghai Secco lowest reported 11600 yuan/ton (up 50), m1600/Korea Hyundai lowest reported 11600 yuan/ton (down 100), m800e/Shanghai Petrochemical lowest reported 11600 yuan/ton (down 100), rp344r/Korea Dalin lowest reported 12400 yuan/ton (down 300), t30s/Fushun Ethylene lowest reported 10300 yuan/ton (down 200)

v. future market forecast

it is reported that the market capital tension before the year will be significantly improved after the year. In January, the central bank lowered the deposit reserve ratio again, which is a high probability event, and in the beginning of the year, it is the peak of bank credit. In terms of spot goods, as usual, petrochemical enterprises will issue the listing price at the beginning of next month in the past two days. It is expected that there is a great possibility of raising the price by yuan/ton at the beginning of next month. Pay attention to the sales policy of petrochemical enterprises at the beginning of next month. In the early stage, downstream manufacturers prepare a small amount of goods, while after new year's day, downstream manufacturers will have holidays in succession. Therefore, in the short term, the downstream demand will gradually decrease, which restricts the impact of the injection screw on the market of 100mm long fiber composites to a certain extent. It is expected that in the short term, the market will mainly fluctuate slightly, and the transaction may gradually weaken

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