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PP isotacticity analyzer has passed the appraisal

the polypropylene (PP) isotacticity analyzer development project jointly undertaken by Guangzhou Petrochemical and Petrochemical Research Institute has passed the technical appraisal organized by the Ministry of science and technology of China Petroleum

the project has developed a set of polypropylene analysis system with independent intellectual property rights, including sampling pretreatment, spectrum acquisition, data communication, medical and health care systems in Southeast Asian countries, as well as greatly improved space information and analysis software. The system can analyze the multi properties of polypropylene powder products, and give the real-time measured values of vinyl, isotacticity, melt index and other quality indicators. The accuracy and repeatability of the measurement meet the requirements of the standard method. The system has been successfully applied in the production of polypropylene plant of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company, and has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision and fast response. It improves the automation level of the plant and plays a positive role in improving the accuracy of product quality control

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