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[PP] stable market quotation merchants' low position operation

I. brief introduction of the market

crude oil prices rose slightly, and propylene monomer trend was firm. Near the weekend, PP market quotation was firm, but high transaction resistance was large, and most traders were confused about the future market, so they continued to follow the market, with low position transportation as the main factor. The latest domestic products insist on cleaning (it is best to clean after finishing the experiment every time). The drawing/injection of plastic is at yuan/ton, the domestic copolymer is at yuan/ton, the imported copolymer is at yuan/ton, and the monofilament powder is at 11750 yuan/ton

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed slightly higher on September 6, ignoring the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil inventories and the impact of the European Central Bank's new economic stimulus measures. Nymex10 crude oil futures closed up 17 cents, or 0.2%, at $95.53 a barrel. Ice10 Brent crude oil futures closed up $0.40, or 0.35%, at $113.49 a barrel

Far East propylene on Thursday (September 6): FOB South Korea dollar/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day

III. local market conditions

today's PP market quotation is firm. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, the enthusiasm of downstream factories to receive goods is not high, and the trading atmosphere is general

the PP market in Yuyao is stable and high, mainly because some resources are tight, and the mainstream price of wire drawing is high at 50 yuan to yuan; Copolymerized goods are less than RMB. Under the background of stable Petrochemical prices, businesses are cautious about the future market, and the poor delivery of high prices has dragged down the lack of confidence in the market next week

the atmosphere in Shanghai PP market today is relatively flat. There are few goods in the early stage, and the high price is expected to gradually return to the relatively rational price, but the overall transaction situation is general. Reference quotation: T30S at 11800 yuan; S1003 Secco is 11800 yuan and Dushanzi is 11750 yuan; Shanghai T300 has a high efficiency of 0 yuan/ton at 1190, and Dushanzi EPS30R is at yuan

under the background of tight goods in Nanjing PP market, the offer continues to be low, and the offer of some merchants is high. Individual reference quotation: copolymerization K8003 is less than 12200 yuan; J340 is less than 12200 yuan, F401 is expected to be 12000 yuan/ton, and 1215c is strong at 11900 yuan

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

Sinopec Huazhong PP price generally increased by 100 yuan/ton. The sales pressure of enterprises still exists, and the inventory is stable and slightly high. Reference quotation: F401 Luoyang Petrochemical is 11500 yuan/ton, T30S Jingmen Petrochemical is 11600 yuan/ton, EPS30R Maoming Petrochemical is 11800 yuan/ton

PetroChina Southwest PP pricing sales, regional sales pressure remains, inventory is stable, slightly higher, and test repeatability is high; The latter is cheap. Reference quotation: T30S Lanzhou Petrochemical at 11800 yuan/ton, T30S Dushanzi Petrochemical at 11800 yuan/ton, v30g Daqing Petrochemical at 11800 yuan/ton

Sinopec's PP wire drawing price in South China rose by 50 yuan, the company's sales were OK, and the inventory was medium to high, more than 25000 tons. Reference quotation: F401 Guangzhou Petrochemical at 11650 yuan/ton, T30S Fujian United at 11650 yuan/ton, T30S Maoming Petrochemical at 11650 yuan/ton

2. The quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the rise and fall of some brands of plastic spot PP were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, h110ma/India Xincheng lowest reported 11500 yuan/ton (up 150), j340/Korea Xiaoxing lowest reported 12400 yuan/ton (down 100), l5e89/China Shenhua lowest reported 11550 yuan/ton (up 50), m1600/Korea Hyundai lowest reported 11680 yuan/ton (down 120), s1003/Shanghai Secco lowest reported 11800 yuan/ton (up 50), m2600r/Shanghai Petrochemical lowest reported 12000 yuan/ton (down 700)

v. future forecast

oil prices rose for most of the day, thanks to the remarks of European Central Bank President Draghi. In addition, the positive impact of the European Central Bank's statement of unlimited purchase of treasury bonds has been released. Investors focused on the directional guidance given by the U.S. employment data released on Friday. The report said that the number of ADP jobs in the United States increased by 201000 in August. On the market side, although the rise in the pricing of some petrochemical companies has boosted market confidence, and traders mostly ship with them, mainly on the sidelines, the downstream demand is still not optimistic, and the overall transaction has been in a weak situation. Therefore, there is still some resistance to the rise of the desire to travel. It is expected that the overall short-term PP market will be adjusted in a narrow range, and some will be raised in due course

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