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PP market observation: the impact of China's housing price fall is very small

PP market observation: the impact of China's housing price fall is very small

September 5, 2014

[China paint information] recent news, the development of China's real estate industry is depressed, and housing prices in many cities have fallen for four weeks since August

market analysts pointed out that although PP is an important building material, the recession of the real estate industry has little impact on the market trend of this kind of plastic

according to Agence France Presse, in order to increase sales, the local government has relaxed its supervision on Residents' house purchase restrictions. However, housing prices in major cities in China still fell. According to the data, the average price of houses in 100 large and medium-sized cities in China was 10771 yuan/square meter (US $1752/square meter) in August and July, down 0.59 percentage points from the previous month

as an important building material, PP is widely used in pipes, wires and cables, roof waterproof layers, floors and other fields. "At present, many new houses in cities are facing a situation of oversupply, resulting in the decline of material properties. In the coming months, real estate developers will not blindly start some new projects. Therefore, the market demand for PP in the construction field will be relatively reduced." A Chinese PP producer said

nevertheless, the overall PP price trend in Asia has not been greatly affected. In addition to the construction field, the terminal cities in the region, such as automobiles, packaging, medical treatment, consumer durable goods, are the necessary experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units. The demand for this thermoplastic resin is still good

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