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Changshu (Qinhu road and Guli town in the urban area) polyester one week market review

it is learned from Changshu polyester market that the trend of polyester filament market this week is weak. Driven by the positive side of upstream raw materials and the high yield of polyester chips, the price decline in the polyester market this week slowed down, but the price concessions and promotions in the market are relatively common, and the trading volume is still small, and the overall polyester market is still weak and stable

judging from the trend of market varieties, fdy50d/24f, 75d/36f and dty75d/36 not only recycle lithium, but also have demand in warp knitting machines. They mainly produce terry cloth, golden velvet, etc. the price of silk is 14700 yuan/t, 13700 yuan/t and 16000 yuan/t respectively, which is lower than that of last week by 100 yuan/ton. However, the price of fdy75d/36f bright silk is barely stable in this market because the supply of fdy75d/36f bright silk is strengthened all over the market, which changes the early sales situation. The trading of fdy100d and 150D in Changshu market was not smooth this week. Of course, the price trend also appeared weak. Among them, the prices of some varieties of 100D and 150D have recently been reduced by 100 yuan/t

recently, Taicang silk dty100d/36f does not include colored silk, and the market shipment is large. It is mainly used for the production of suede printing blanks on circular machines, and the product quality requirements are slightly lower. However, dty100d/36f and 150d/48f conventional coated silk have slow market sales. Dty150d/96f[quantitative and fixed length] is still popular with the downstream large round machine weavers, and there is little silk left in the production, so it is still marketable at present, mainly because the downstream large round machine chooses to produce fleece, cashmere, etc. in order to maintain normal startup

from the current upstream and downstream markets, the upstream slicing price is stable and weak, the polyester price is lack of boost power, the polyester is operating in a low-key market condition, and the downstream cloth market is not prosperous. At present, the startup rate of warp knitting machines and circular machines only has a downward trend, and the polyester market trading volume is difficult to get rid of the downward channel. In the order amount, it is expected that polyester will continue to maintain the probability of shock finishing

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