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December 28 China Plastic City PE market day comment

trading dynamics: on Tuesday, China Plastic City PE raw material market continued to heat up, and the market generally rose. The high-pressure material market maintained an upward trend, with a relatively large increase; The market atmosphere of linear materials is active, and the price rises sharply; The low-pressure material market continued to maintain a good upward trend. In China, we all made it clear after a long time of comparison that the increase of empty material was in the lead, the wire drawing/film material was in the middle, and the increase of plastic injection was less and more stable

current market mainstream price: LDPE: yuan/ton; LLDPE: yuan/ton; HDPE: wire drawing material yuan/ton, plastic injection material yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

price trend: the main driving force of this round of market rise comes from the upstream market. As the ex warehouse prices of PetroChina in East China, South China and southwest China rise again by yuan/ton, the comprehensive utilization of bulk industrial solid waste of Daqing stone in 2017 is expected to reach 1.4 billion tons, and the ex factory prices of Yangzi Petrochemical and Panjin Ethylene are increased by yuan/ton. Traders followed up and raised the market price synchronously, which was also supported by the high external market report and the strong high level of ethylene monomer. However, with the rise of market prices, it will inevitably affect the affordability of end users. It will succeed in today's market and the new year is approaching. The industry research report issued by industrial securities may also be a constraint. It is expected that the market will consolidate at a high level in the short term, and there is little possibility of decline

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