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Nuance loads the artificial intelligence speech system for proton cars

nuance provides speech recognition technology that has entered the Southeast Asian market for the first time, and will become part of Geely's technical platform support for N on the proto reciprocating sample.

nuance communication company (nasdaq: Nuan) announced today that it will provide automotive grade speech recognition technology for Geely Holdings Group, China's fastest-growing automaker, Support its partner proton, a Malaysian carmaker, in developing vehicles for Southeast Asia and other markets. This is the first time that speech recognition technology suppliers have created artificial intelligence speech solutions for Southeast Asia

in June 2017, Geely Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as "Geely") acquired 49.9% of the shares of proton automobile (hereinafter referred to as "proton") under DRB HICOM to help proton rebuild its past glory. In September of the same year, Geely and proton held a delivery ceremony, and Geely fully led the management of proton

since the cooperation for one year, the synergy between the two sides has achieved initial results, and proton's R & D ability, product quality and market competitiveness have been continuously improved. Geely provides proton with a series of automotive platform technologies, including nuance's artificial intelligence voice solution specially designed for cars. Nuance, in cooperation with Geely, has developed a speech solution consisting of automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and speech synthesis functions using its dragon drive connected car platform, which has been optimized for the Southeast Asian market, focusing on the recognition and accuracy of Malaysian spoken English. This solution also provides a special voice user interface and vehicle control experience such as air conditioning, windows, skylights, music control, navigation, and content search such as points of interest, music, weather, etc

Stefan ortmanns, executive vice president and general manager of nuance automotive business department, said, "we are very happy to be part of this historic cooperation. The cooperation between Geely and proton will certainly change the automotive market in China and Southeast Asia. This is a big step forward in our cooperation with automotive manufacturers in the region, and we look forward to using our business coverage to expand our support for them."

Yang Jun, vice president of proton auto, said, "one of the purposes of our cooperation is to bring more advanced and innovative cars and better travel experience to Southeast Asia. Automotive technology innovation is a key part of this. It is clear that AI speech recognition will play an important role in cars now and in the future. Working towards this future goal, our cooperation with nuance is crucial."

Nuance vehicle business department focuses on conversational artificial intelligence technology suitable for cars to help automobile manufacturers provide customers with unique user experience. With the Dragon drive platform, nuance provides a deeply integrated hybrid solution that can be customized and become an intelligent car assistant seamlessly integrated into the user's Internet ecosystem. Nowadays, dragon drive provides technical support for more than 200million vehicles running on the road in more than 40 languages, creating a conversational experience for automakers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, general motors, Hyundai, Toyota, SAIC, etc

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nuance communication company (nasdaq: Nuan) is the pioneer and leader of conversational AI solutions, which can bring intelligent experience to daily work and life. The solutions provided by the company can understand, analyze and respond to human language, so as to improve productivity and enhance human intelligence. With decades of expertise in fields and artificial intelligence, nuance cooperates with thousands of organizations in healthcare, communications, automotive, financial services, retail and other industries around the world to establish a stronger relationship, so that customers and employees can enjoy a better experience. It is not allowed to provide plastic shopping bags for free. For more information, if you think that Pu hard bubbles will produce a lot of toxic gases after burning, please visit ANC to promote independent innovation demonstration or

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