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North China industrial control 2010 Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition presented its technical achievements

from June 25 to 27, 2010, the second Shanghai international digital signage and touch query technology exhibition was successfully held. North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. made a grand appearance in this exhibition, bringing a number of innovative products and embedded overall solutions of Industrial Digital Signage Industry to show the achievements of intelligent applications. At the same time, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. competed with many PC manufacturers, display manufacturers and all-in-one computer manufacturers to discuss the future trend of digital signage system

North China industrial control booth

this exhibition is the only exchange meeting for the Digital Signage Industry in China, bringing together industry giants from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States, Japan and other industries to exhibit digital signage system technology. The industrial embedded digital signage products bis-6550, bis-6620i, bis-6620ii, bis-6620iii, LED large screen advertising machines bis-6530lc, bis-6540lc, modular TV, bis-6592gm and bis-6592dv led by North China industrial control are very popular with on-site customers. Some of the products on display this time are also the selected products of the 2010 WorldExpo venues. One of the embedded industrial CPU long cards is used in the ring screen splicing of the WorldExpo, and the ice wing series multimedia advertising machine products are applied in the digital signage system of the Polish Pavilion, the German Pavilion and other national pavilions

visitors poured in front of the booth

North China industrial control, as an industrial control enterprise in the mainland, stood out in this exhibition with its technical strength, and has been sincerely creating high-quality products and services for customers. With experience in industrial products, the digital signage system products developed have been praised by customers at home and abroad. At this exhibition, the industrial control booth in North China was compact and simple, but it performed extraordinary. There were many innovative digital signage products and embedded integration solutions on the booth, and the intelligent applications played a more favorable role for customers. Most of the products on display this time adopt Intel's latest processor platform, which has the characteristics of industrial stability and reliability, small size, fan free design and good heat dissipation. Moreover, North China industrial control digital signage system is integrated with Digital Signage Software to meet the high-definition and dynamic picture presentation of the current digital signage industry; It can immediately evaluate the completion of the process flow. It has the advantages of remote network information control, picture insertion, strong scalability, strong compatibility, simple maintenance and so on

Zeng Wei, deputy general manager of industrial control and general manager of sales in North China, pointed out that the technology platform with excellent performance and good compatibility of Intel platform is conducive to our design and development of embedded computer products and provides perfect solutions

there are a wide range of products in front of the booth

North China industrial control booth has a lot to see

the most eye-catching product on site is the mini embedded computer system of North China industrial control. 5. Office 2000 (Word2000, Excel2000) columns bis-6620i, bis-6620ii, bis-6620iii must be installed. These three products are sister products, which are originally from the same root. These series of digital signage products adopt the Lingdong z5xx Series platform (R & D code Menlow) launched by Intel in 2009. They are small and compact in structure, adopt noise-free design and low power consumption. Bis-6620i has multiple storage means of SATA, SD and CF cards, provides vga+s-video display output interface, and four USB2.0 help improve the expansion elasticity of the periphery; Bis-6620ii with DVI display output; Bis-6620iii provides HDMI HD display interface, and the customized expansion slot can improve the expansion elasticity of the periphery; Although this series of small computers are small in size, they have all kinds of internal organs, and play a strong role in the environment without corrosive media and strong electromagnetic interference;. At present, customers in HD multimedia broadcast, advertising machine, LCD large screen, set-top box, health care, finance, trading and other industries have purchased this product

Therefore, when adopting the reaction frame, it is also necessary to support and coordinate the device to complete the calibration

bis-6620 series

the bis-6550, an ice wing series product of North China industrial control, is still elegant in this exhibition, attracting many customers and large screen manufacturers to negotiate and observe. Customers and media friends are very interested in the structural design of this product. Bis-6550 is the same inside and outside. Based on Intel Lingdong N270 processor, it has the characteristics of fan free, low power consumption, small size, strong performance and good heat dissipation structure. It can realize high-definition broadcast of weather broadcast, advertising information, flight display, digital home and LCD large screen advertisements


triple integration is a hot topic at present, and the module card TV market contains infinite business opportunities. North China industrial control has customized a model card for Haier. Users only need to match the TV with this model card, and they can easily experience the convenient life brought by the network through TV without connecting an external computer host. This Haier MOCA TV exhibited by North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. was quite eye-catching on the scene, with the flash of many multimedia. The product exhibited by North China industrial control is a functional modular all-in-one product based on ordinary TV sets and connected with the characteristic function board provided by North China industrial control through the reserved interface

in this exhibition, the on-site digital signage system innovation platform is like a hundred flowers competing for beauty. This industry is not limited to the realization of picture playback and dynamic demonstration. North China industrial control showed the charm of industrial digital signage system through this exhibition, and will continue to face challenges and develop more intelligent digital signage systems

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