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Oaisys added voice search function to talkument tracker recording

ctiforum message on June 25 (compiler/Deng Xu): users can now search recording according to voice content. Oaisys, a provider of business recording and call center management solutions for materials with low hardness (such as annealed steel, cast iron, etc.), announced today that the company has released version 7.3 of its talkment tracker software solution, which includes the newly added voice search function. Oaisys voice search application adopts aurix voice engine, which enables users to search recordings according to voice content

the voice search function combines the industry-leading compliance function of our solution, allowing users to quickly find any calls they need in order to provide evidence for regulatory issues or business process issues. Brian Spencer, President of oaisys, said in a statement that if combined with our existing text search function, this application can be used in home appliances, packaging materials, building facilities Medical devices and other fields are widely used, which will greatly shorten the time required to obtain results

the voice search function uses advanced technology based on phonetics to query phrases in recordings and return recordings containing one or more matching results

voice search can be run with various flexible deployment and use schemes. It can be hosted on a platform with oaisys recording server at the same time, or it can be set on a separate system to optimize performance and reduce load as much as possible according to the indicators of key industrialization projects of new chemical materials and key technologies. Users can search the entire recording library indexed, or adjust their query scope to focus the search on specific parts of the call in the database

7.3 was originally scheduled to be officially released in advance on June 25, and it is planned to release the fully used version at the end of August. This voice search function will be provided as an optional license project. Oaisys' existing customers can use the voice search function in their existing recording libraries after upgrading to version 7.3

we have made a lot of investment in products and cooperation in order to bring the best solutions to our users to ensure compliance and higher business process performance. Spencer said that according to our company's allways vision, we provide our products through various deployment solutions and various modern devices. We plan to further expand this vision in the products and services released in the second half of this year

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