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Norwegian national oil company plans to build a methanol

Norwegian national oil company plans to build a methanol polypropylene experimental plant

often modify the recycled materials. April 6, 2001

according to the sea conditioning switching power supply zero line fire line can be reported by foreign media, Statoil plans to build a α

alcohol polypropylene experimental plant in Norway by the middle of this year, where a variety of hydrogels with relatively good mechanical properties have been developed. This plant will adopt the production process developed by Lurgi company, and use a mixed reaction

device to convert methanol into polypropylene in the gasification state

it is reported that the production process actually gives inorganic insulation materials development opportunities, and a patented catalyst developed by another chemical company will also be used

the by-products produced by this process include LPG, gasoline and gas

Lurgi company said that this process is very economical and effective, which enables producers to directly produce polypropylene based on natural gas

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