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Nuance: let your people call my people... Or my car

imagine that after you get on the car, your car can know what you want just by hearing your voice. No, this is not a science fiction movie, but a reality

let's see. It's 7:06 on Monday morning Michelle has just packed the children's lunch boxes and schoolbags. She took the materials needed for the day's work and sent the children to school before going to work. After getting on the bus, she said, hey, Shenglong, her car also said hello to her. Then, her car began to adjust the seat position according to her preferences, read the hot spots of the past 12 hours, turn on the radio and tune it to her favorite radio station (of course, also adjusted to the appropriate volume)

in the process of driving, Michelle just became the daughter of a teenager. Jane wanted to play her favorite music. She immediately said, "Hey, Shenglong, play my beast song list.". The car system then turns off the radio and starts playing the requested music, and the journey continues (assuming that other people in the car also like the music played)

believe it or not, this is not a scene in science fiction movies. The scenario I described highlights some of the technologies we have developed in partnership with car manufacturers to provide a seamless personalized experience and maximize productivity while driving

how does this work

the scenario described above uses a series of technologies:

continuously listen to the system, wait for the driver's keywords/phrases (wake-up words), and then activate other parts of the system for further processing

voiceprint verification: once the wake-up word is heard, the system will compare the voiceprint with the pre registered voice set in a not very wide period, so as to verify the identity of the speaker and make adjustments according to their preferences

personalized settings such as seat position, favorite radio station and temperature settings can be stored in the on-board infotainment system or in the cloud. Once the system recognizes the driver's identity, it will be activated

cloud integration: the mechanical function inspection project of dragon plastic is relatively simple. 1 drive (sound dragon driving) can provide customized headlines from sports events, world, political affairs and other content partners, which can be classified and reimbursed in proportion to the "fund"; If there is any balance in the "fund"

after the personalized content is broadcast, the system will turn on the car radio and tune it to the driver's favorite radio station, allowing the driver to start the commute

voice interruption: even in the process of playing music, the system can hear the wake-up words spoken by passengers. The system will first identify the passenger identity, and then use the previously configured information to start playing the song list (on the corresponding music streaming media provider platform)

introduce voiceprint verification in detail

nuance voiceprint verification uses complex algorithms to create a unique voice signature based on the driver's voice

voiceprint verification combines physical characteristics such as vocal tract length, shape and size with behavioral characteristics such as accent, speaking speed and pronunciation, so as to create a unique voiceprint. Every driver's voice print is unique

this technology can run both in the car and in the cloud, supporting the existing microphone in the car (now ubiquitous)

other uses of voiceprint verification

the possibility of this is infinite. Car manufacturers can use voiceprint verification in any scenario where they want to identify and verify the driver's identity. Potential use cases include:

access to sensitive data in the vehicle (home address, previously visited location or contact person, etc.) is limited, and the driver can only access it after verifying his identity. This can be very useful in new projects such as shared services

with the interconnection of cars, in the future, on-board digital wallets can be launched to pay tolls and other driving service fees. Voiceprint verification can verify the driver's identity before initiating payment

by using voiceprint verification to verify the driver's identity, you can provide personalized services such as seat position adjustment and turning on your favorite radio station

in addition to the current use cases, we are trying to apply these technologies to future innovations in nuance

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