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Konova introduces embedded intelligent inkjet printer

the embedded intelligent inkjet printer launched by Beijing konova Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics. It is popular in the aerospace industry because of its ultra light and super strong characteristics:

◆ the embedded operating system replaces the traditional single-chip computer system control

super100 realizes the Chinese input method that cannot be achieved by the traditional single-chip computer system to improve the efficiency of enterprise resources and information utilization For information processing, users can input or modify and save information by touching the friendly and intuitive color LCD screen, operate easily through the Windows CE operating system, and realize network communication through the increased network port and IE browser

◆ super function and leading technology are expected to become a new favorite in the inkjet printer industry. The positioning of super 100 is not only to provide customers with "embedded intelligent" operating system, but also its internal excellent and super functional design and technological innovation will be more attached to the production and packaging needs of modern enterprises. What is more prominent is its 80m information storage capacity, which provides a broader space for the storage of large amount of information files and multiple parameter setting files for customers

◆ intelligent operation design shows the humanized quality of the inkjet machine

super100 inkjet machine follows the function of automatic cleaning of konova Kn300 inkjet machine, and the machine can automatically clean the ink discharge system, so as to change the traditional inkjet machine operator China's automotive industry. He said: "what makes people excited is whether they can actively innovate the characteristics of manual cleaning nozzle, which are complex and cause environmental pollution, and more environmental protection and humanization

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