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In order to promote the economic development of Northeast China, the State Council launched the policy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China in 2003. After the implementation of this policy in various industrial fields in Northeast China for ten years, it has created favorable conditions for the rapid development of light industry and chemical industry in Northeast China. Therefore, the Northeast plastic industry should grasp the development opportunities and industrial transfer, give full play to the advantages of rich resources, excellent ecology and low operating costs, and closely focus on leading industries such as plastic products to attract investment, so as to promote the rapid development of the plastic industry

due to the initial results of the revitalization policy, the consumption level of plastic products has been greatly improved in the northeast region. At the same time, the building materials industry, packaging industry, electronic information industry and automobile industry are also developing at a high speed, and the demand for plastic is growing, which also expands the market of plastic industry in the northeast region

Northeast China has many advantages in developing the plastic industry

as a traditional industrial base and consumer market of plastic products, Northeast China is currently a single point, single line, opaque and non communicating situation. At the same time, due to the overall backward technology of the plastic industry in Northeast China, the material procurement and sales channels are not smooth, resulting in serious disordered competition among enterprises

however, as the main producing area and terminal market of traditional plastic raw materials, Northeast China itself has a solid industrial foundation and large market capacity. With the implementation of the policy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China and the unique geographical advantages and developed transportation network in Northeast China, Both policies and natural conditions have provided many favorable conditions for the development of Northeast Plastic Industry:

(I) economic advantages

Northeast China is located in the strategic focus of China, and large-scale industrialization and urban construction have great incremental demand for plastic production and processing. The establishment of Northeast Plastic City can provide convenient raw material supply for northeast economic construction and promote regional economic growth faster and better

(II) regional transportation advantages

Northeast China has a three-dimensional land, sea and air transportation network covering the world, where hundreds of international and domestic routes, dozens of Railways and expressways converge. It is one of the most dense and developed regions in China, which provides unique transportation conditions for the distribution of plastic products

(III) raw material industry advantages

rich raw materials: Northeast China is one of the strongest Petrochemical producing areas in China. At present, the crude oil processing capacity ranks first in the country, with rich crude oil and natural gas production and complete upstream and downstream industrial chains. The four major oil products of steam, coal, diesel and Runhe, as well as rich raw material resources such as ethylene, synthetic fiber monomer, synthetic fiber polymer, plastic resin, synthetic rubber and alkylbenzene, have derived 18 industries including chemical raw materials, organic chemicals and rubber products, with nearly 100 products. These products can be widely used in paint, coating, BOPP, A.E film, engineering plastics, special plastics, modified plastics and other fields, laying a superior foundation for the aggregation and development of the plastic industry

the plastic industry has a good foundation: there are more than 10000 large and small plastic processing enterprises in the three northeastern provinces, with an annual output value of more than hundreds of billions of yuan. Products mainly include plates, pipes, packaging materials, molds and plastic machinery. Especially in recent years, the number of enterprises mainly engaged in the production and processing of modified plastics has increased, which has formed a certain agglomeration advantage in the northeast region, providing an important supporting force for the construction and development of the plastic industry

not only that, the petroleum industry has a deep accumulation, large and mature chemical enterprises are everywhere, and the surrounding coal, petroleum resources and upstream raw materials reserves of the plastic industry are rich, which is also a strong support for the development of the Northeast plastic industry

(IV) market advantages

as a new raw material, plastic is gradually replacing steel, aluminum, wood, cement and other materials. At the same time, plastic is also an indispensable production material in all important fields of the national economy, such as information, energy, industry, transportation, aerospace, marine development and so on

at present, the development of domestic plastic products industry has obvious regional characteristics. Manufacturers are mainly distributed in the southeast coastal areas. The plastic industry in this area has a long history and has formed a certain scale. The regional market has become saturated, and even some areas have excess capacity. The urbanization process in the developing northeast and central and western regions has just begun, and there is a great demand for plastic products. In recent years, a large number of plastic processing enterprises in Wenzhou have transferred to the northeast, which shows this trend. Demand is the market, and there will be development opportunities if there is a market

this is the work absorbed by the deformation and fracture of the specimen (V) policy advantages

can enjoy various preferential policies given by the state to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China

(VI) human resource advantages

rich human resources are an important support for industrial development. The northeast is a traditional chemical base, with hundreds of thousands of chemical industry troops, which can make great contributions to the development of the plastic industry. You can rest assured to use our experimental machine

ways to revitalize the Northeast Plastic Industry

plastic enterprises should base on the existing plastic industry foundation, focus on the advantages of the existing plastic industry chain, and aim to promote the optimization and upgrading of the plastic industry. Make the plastic industry the main vein of regional economic development, promote professional division of labor and industrial supporting facilities, and form intra industry linkage development on the basis of building a complete plastic industry chain

revitalizing the plastic industry is primarily guided by science and technology, emphasizing the progressiveness of the industry and the high level of products and processes, emphasizing the scientific and technological content of the industry and various functions, and the level of industry, products and economic development is higher than the average level of the region. Regard scientific research and incubation of high and new technology as one of the important characteristics of the industry. Encourage scientific and technological innovation, create leading plastic enterprises, encourage plastic enterprises to adopt new technologies and new methods for technological transformation and technological innovation, implement brand strategy, strengthen internal management, constantly reduce production costs, reduce various expenses, increase benefits, enhance the development momentum of leading enterprises, and improve market competitiveness

with the implementation of the policy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, combined with the development advantages of northeast plastic industry, and in accordance with the requirements of taking the lead, clarifying the key points, integrating resources and intensive cluster development, the strategy of leapfrog, catch-up and supporting development is implemented based on the principles of key breakthrough, application drive and industrial supporting. Focus on the development of key, basic and resource advantageous new materials; New materials for national strategic needs and cutting-edge scientific and technological undertakings; New materials with breakthroughs in technology and large market demand. Strengthen the technical integration of materials, processes and equipment, pay attention to the recycling and treatment of new materials and waste, and realize the recyclable development of energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, due to the rapid development of building materials industry, packaging industry, electronic information industry and automobile industry, the demand for plastic machinery is increasing at a rate of 10% every year, effectively driving the development of plastic machinery industry

Shenyang Plastics Association has made positive contributions to the development of the Northeast Plastic Industry

under the background of the Northeast plastic industry is poised, Shenyang Plastics Association has timely set up an entrepreneurial platform for the development and aggregation of the plastic industry to optimize the allocation of resources

set up a special station of Shenyang plastic industry association, and at the same time, establish links on other influential stations to obtain the latest data of the industry. Attending the meeting in time is a better way to find faults and share with member enterprises; Set up special forums in the industry's periodicals and magazines or internal communication publications

organize and participate in national and regional professional expositions related to plastics; Build an enterprise platform, introduce the real industry, compile the internal publications of relevant enterprises around the core theme of enterprises, and though they have also developed various small panel control systems, thorough public relations planning activities have attracted wide attention from all walks of life

invite government officials, market authorities and business experts to regularly hold seminars on plastics; Set up an expert committee to recommend, review and evaluate the upgrading of member enterprises' technology centers, and gather experts from various industries to carry out special training and talent training for enterprises in the association

the Northeast plastic industry should respond to the call of the times with the support of national policies, seize the opportunity to meet the challenges, abandon the old model, explore and innovate, develop production on the original basis, strengthen management and scientific and technological investment, make up for the blank of the Northeast Plastic related professional market, and become a regional and even national leader in the plastic industry

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