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Omron developed solar sphygmomanometer

Omron solar electronic sphygmomanometer hem-solar series


sphygmomanometer back panel

Omron Health Co., Ltd. recently announced that it has developed a "solar energy electronic sphygmomanometer hem-solar" that does not need to replace batteries and uses solar energy for charging, which is planned to be sold globally in the spring of 2009 with some chemical ingredients

the solar sphygmomanometer hem-solar developed in this research is divided into manual and automatic. The back of the fuselage is a solar charging panel. When the sun is full, it only needs to charge for 4 hours to make the manual model measure more than 100 times and the automatic model measure more than 28 times. After full charging (time required: about 15 hours for manual models and 24 hours for automatic models), the manual model will be tested more than 280 times and the automatic model will be tested more than 100 times. The solar sphygmomanometer does not rely on power supply and can be used as long as there is sunlight. Considering the strong ultraviolet ray during charging, this machine also uses AES resin material, and changes the button design of the front panel to improve the waterproof performance

in the future, the company will further study how to adapt to charging in various environments, improve the adaptability to different temperature and humidity conditions, and improve the air tightness, so as to improve the products and realize the market in the spring of 2009

hem-solar is equipped with rechargeable batteries, which eliminates the need for dry batteries, thereby reducing the generation of electronic waste. At the same time, because the use of solar charging reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, it is an environmental friendly sphygmomanometer. According to the service life of the product of 30000 times, it is equivalent to reducing the use of 80 dry batteries for manual models and 400 dry batteries for automatic models

the company has been actively researching and developing environmental protection and energy-saving products. Since 2004, it has been ahead of the market and produced according to the European ROHS standard for the use of hazardous substances, which has not been enforced for sphygmomanometers. So far, 99% of the products have reached this standard. In the future, Omron will achieve 100% of its products to meet the standard, and continue to launch five environmental protection products such as 5 R of the La finishing production line with hem-so accounting for 6.4% of the company's total employees (15600), showing the style of environmental protection enterprises to the world

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