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The TUV hardware platform test of CNNC nicsys2000 products was completed

on January 21, with the end of the last test, the TUV hard wear-resistant peek of CNNC DCS platform nicsys2000, which has been for half a year, is a special engineering plastic part with good comprehensive performance. After the identification of TUV engineers, the test results all meet the requirements of iec/en standards, TUV SUD certification and pfvp. The hardware platform test work is an important content for nicsys 2000 to obtain TUV certification, which lays the foundation for the final TUV certification

as a professional company of digital instrument and control system for nuclear engineering, safe and stable products and engineering quality are the foundation of the company's operation and development. In order to further verify the functional reliability of nicsys 2000, a new DCS product of China Nuclear Control Corporation, it was decided in October 2013 to conduct TUV certification for csys 2000, which is difficult to handle if the surface roughness of Ni is poor. During this period, the test program was prepared in strict accordance with the certification requirements, and 67 verification and tests under severe conditions such as ambient temperature test, mechanical performance test, EMC test, function test and safety regulation test were carried out on the product hardware

and the construction is simple. The successful completion of the nicsys 2000 hardware platform test shows the functional reliability of nicsys 2000. After passing the TUV SUD safety certification, nicsys 2000 will successfully enter the domestic and foreign markets and win the recognition and trust of more users

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