In late July, the downstream product market of sty

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Styrene in late July: the downstream product market is mainly stable

last week, the downstream products of styrene were mainly stable, and PS showed a relatively obvious upward trend

the overall performance of the domestic ABS market was stable in a week, and the trading price fluctuation of each brand was not obvious. Supported by the rising market of other plastic raw materials, the quotations in some regions rose slightly. At the weekend, the mainstream price of imported general-purpose ABS in RMB was RMB/ton, and the overall price difference was large. The main innovative preparation and normal operation work were strongly supported and coordinated by the park. The surface structure forming concept, because Taiwan Qimei 757's recent market quotation was more than 1000 yuan higher than other imported ABS. The mainstream RMB price of domestic general-purpose ABS was yuan/ton, basically unchanged in the same period last week

the domestic PS market continued to rise last week. Relatively speaking, the rise of low-end PS is larger than that of high-end PS, and the rise of benzene penetration is more obvious than that of benzene modification. Since the middle of July this year, PS prices have been able to maintain the upward momentum, which is related to the following points: 1 The favorable environment of the plastic industry; 2. Support of raw material price; 3. The market supply is still insufficient; 4. Some downstream industries began to enter the traditional peak demand season. In East China, the mainstream transaction price of domestic second-class permeable benzene is yuan/ton, and the reference price of domestic second-class modified benzene market is yuan/ton

affected by the typhoon, the supply of styrene in East China was tight, and the spot inventory of EPS factory was too small, which supported the stability of EPS market price to a certain extent. At present, EPS ordinary grade yuan/ton, flame retardant grade yuan/ton. The downstream receiving situation is general, and the supply and demand situation is basically balanced

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