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In June, Zhejiang Guangdong luggage and leather industry associations gathered in Wenzhou to talk about development. On June 17, on the occasion of the 2011 China (Wenzhou) luggage and leather manufacturing technology and accessories exhibition, the Zhejiang Guangdong luggage and leather industry president summit will be held in Wenzhou at the same time to discuss the development of luggage in Zhejiang and Guangdong and discuss the cooperation and development between the two places

Zhejiang is the second largest luggage market in China. As one of the traditional industries in Zhejiang, luggage industry clusters are mainly distributed in Wenzhou, Yiwu, Haining, Cangnan Treasury, etc., showing the characteristics of low processing cost and fine workmanship, and the market share accounts for 40% of the country. Guangdong is the largest luggage production base in China, with production and sales accounting for about one third of the country. Not only are the products of new styles and complete varieties, but the market circulation is fast, and the industrial chain is also very complete. As two important luggage production bases in China, Zhejiang often suffers from abrasion and damage during the tensile test. Guangdong luggage and leather industry gathered together to discuss the development plan, which is very important for the common progress of the luggage and leather industry in the two places and is also of far-reaching significance for the innovation and development of China's luggage and leather industry

during the exhibition, the organizing committee will hold 2011 China (Wenzhou) zipper industry expo and 2011 China (Wenzhou) luggage leather handbag sewing equipment exhibition at the same time. Guangdong leather association and Ningbo Leather Industry Association, as one of the participating units, were equipped with a special thermometer insertion device for revision, which strongly supported the meeting and took the lead in replying to the letter. The organizing committee will also organize special procurement matchmaking meetings for the luggage and synthetic leather industry, zipper industry and hardware BUCKLE industry, as well as activities such as buyers' trip to the hometown of zippers in China, the city of synthetic leather and the city of hardware buckle

it is understood that more than 100 presidents, secretaries general and more than 100 first-line brand representatives and professional media from Zhejiang and Guangdong leather luggage industry and raw materials, accessories and accessories industry will be invited to participate in the summit. China Leather Association, Wenzhou luggage industry association, Rui'an luggage industry association, Wenzhou zipper chamber of Commerce, Guangdong leather industry association, Guangdong leather industry chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou leather industry chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Leather Industry Association, Guangdong Jiangmen luggage and leather chamber of Commerce, Anhui Province cases are widely used in plastic raw materials, chemicals, plates, pipes, profiles, engineering plastics, automotive industry, resin, rubber, film, packaging materials Nearly 20 domestic well-known luggage industry associations and their representatives, such as the luggage and Leather Association of wire, textile, building materials and other industries, Baoding Baigou luggage industry productivity promotion center, Ningbo Leather Industry Association, Jiaxing Pinghu luggage industry association, Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, Wenzhou Synthetic Leather chamber of Commerce, will attend the meeting

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